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September 15, 2013
Coming here to WA, and getting a lot of information, it's been great learning so many marketing strategies, attaching my websites to the server here. Yet, it is always nice to know you can make an extra bucks here and there. So, today, I'd thought I'd talk to you all about Swagbucks. Whatabucks? Swagbucks. It's here where you can earn credits, and when you get 500 of them, you get a real $5 giftcard towards a lot of places you know like Amazon and Walmart. And it's not that hard. You can
September 11, 2013
Was just thinking of the 9-11 as I looked at my computer last night(well morning)...
August 19, 2013
I had to see how long my website would load, so I put a couple of my sites to see how well it did. Go Here and see how it does for your websites! Hope this helps someone. If it's loading too SLOW then, you may need to fix it a little bit. Enjoy!
August 06, 2013
I found this site with google that maybe some of you don't know about, it detects the speed of your website, and it will help you how to fix it! Let me know how you all like it, or not! I gotta go!!
August 05, 2013
I put this on my website, tell me where I can fix/add to my website: Modify, make better, or improve! Your input is extremely important to me, and to share with others. You can see it here: PROS: If your're searching for a non-scammer community, Wealthy Affiliates is an awesome place to start out. If you're concerned about being scammed, no need to worry here. Plus we have lots of new people starting out all the ti
Hello Fellow WA Friends! I was finishing up my emails, and it HIT me! Kaboom! I work in Retail, and I find it very satisfying in helping people making wise decisions. For example: Someone purchases a very expensive equipment piece: ipod, ipad, laptop, tablet--the main reasons. You can even add TV's as well. OK. What's the point? You're thinking. This is my point: They purchase an expensive piece of electronics. Oh, great you're thinking. That's nice. And, they take it home, perhaps even
Please go ahead and state your opinion at I would like to hear all of your thoughts on this one. Thanks! Eric Make it a Great Day!
July 17, 2013
I'm excited because I have a lot to share, and I would love to share it with all of you WA folks here. Well, as you may see if you go to my area, you see A LOT of websites. I love photography, technology with computers, ideas for weight loss(and I will put some of my own experiences on it soon!) and Breakfast. What?? Breakfast?! Who eats breakfast anymore? Well, I know that 31 million Americans skip breakfast daily, by choice or not, but because I've been taught at a very young age of 7, I
I had did some investigating on this one website, that I had mentioned in a live chat, the company: Kabbage--silly, aye, thinks it's about "How to get the best roughage for your diet"? Aye? Well, no in reality they actually fund, or loan money to new businesses, and if you have an established business with ebay making at least $1000 a month, they'll help you out. Well, I was very sceptical because of all of the scams out there. And I found out that they're legit. I googled them, and ran acro
Hello All!I just started my new Blog/Website...check it out at give me ideas to make it better!Looking for ways to make money here on the internet!Make it a great day!Eric
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