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Last Update: Mar 15, 2018

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Everyone wants to know how to work online from home and get paid. Everyone wants the freedom that comes with not having to clock in. But it takes hard work, drive, focus and the right training to get there. It doesn't happen overnight.

Thankfully here at Wealthy Affiliate we're given all the tools necessary to succeed.

From learning how to build your own professional website to writing quality content that will rank high in Google's search engine result pages, the training here is eye opening. It definitely was for me. I'm someone who dropped out of high school and runs into burning buildings for a living. So trust me, lol, if I can have success here, anyone can!

You may be someone who's tired of all the 50+ hour weeks you've been working for years, or maybe you're a stay at home parent looking to spend more time with your family. Or maybe you're like me and you have extreme wanderlust and you want a business that can travel with you as you explore this awesome world.

Regardless of which category you fall into, making money online and learning how to work online from home can be your reality. With the right training and mindset, your goals come into focus, and Wealthy Affiliate is the platform to reach those goals with.

Achieving the Entrepreneurial Mindset

You gotta get your mind right first. If you start this journey with the mindset of an employee, you'll never be thinking like the boss. Successful people with legit online jobs that pay well think with an entrepreneurial mindset.

When you've found a way to work online and get paid daily, you usually have to be your own accountability and support coach. You're the boss remember? You're never alone with the community here at Wealthy Affiliate.

The community here sets its members up for success. There are so many mentors here who are willing to help those who have questions. We have a platform truly focused on our success instead of emptying our wallets.

It's still always a good idea to take the lead with your own motivation. There's always going to be people who are nay-sayers in your group of family or friends who tell you you're going to fail. Instead of listening to someone who's not actively going down the path you want to be on, fill your mind with knowledge from those who say you CAN instead of doubting you.

Books like "The 4 Hour Workweek", "Outliers", and "The 5 Second Rule" are great for starters. When you're actively motivating yourself it's like a battery recharge. The training here sinks in so much better when we've got our mind right.

Taking the Course Lessons One Step at a Time

If you're a new member here at Wealthy Affiliate, the training starts by clicking the green tab on the left. You're guided by the hand & shown how to build a website from scratch all the way through to quality content creation. Even for an absolute newbie (like me), you can achieve consistent revenue and success.

***If this is your first introduction to Wealthy Affiliate, you can CREATE YOUR OWN FREE STARTER ACCOUNT and take this training for a test drive by clicking on any of the green "Join Now" buttons on your screen.***

It all starts with a niche. What are you passionate about? What do you want your business to be about? That's how you find your profitable niche. When you're writing content and building a website around something you love, you're much more likely to succeed, especially starting off. The training here at WA guides you by the hand through this process.

Get ready to have your own piece of internet real estate. Building a website is exactly that. It's the home for your online business. With domain registration and fully supported website creation and literally thousands of themes all available from within Wealthy Afffiliate, this platform is truly a one stop shop.

And this isn't a cookie cutter business model where everyone's a copy of the last. You can have your own completely unique vision come to life here. No matter what niche you're passionate about, or how you want to bring that vision to life, Wealthy Affiliate sets you up for success.

The course lessons then show you how to build traffic free. Yes, free! By understanding how to have Google work *for* you through solid keyword research, you're taught how to write content that ranks high in the search results and your content gets the traffic it deserves.

Your piece of internet real estate is now getting consistent visitors, and you're not having to buy them. They're there because of your content!

Traffic that grows becomes revenue that builds. From a trickle of traffic, to a consistent stream, to a flowing river, your traffic builds with consistent content creation. And as you well know, traffic is an opportunity for revenue.

It's no different than having a storefront with thousands of people outside waiting to come in. You now just have to have what they want. And thanks to affiliate marketing, you're connecting your audience with what they're already looking for!

You Don't Need Your Own Products or Services to Succeed with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about connecting people with what they're already looking for. Think about it, you're not knocking on doors reaching out to people to buy your stuff. Your content is ranking high in SEARCH result pages. The word "search" means your audience is looking for YOU.

Wealthy Affiliate is the most successful platform out there for learning how to build your own successful affiliate marketing business.

By following the course lessons here at Wealthy Affiliate you're taught how to partner with huge merchants like Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and many others so you can earn consistent commissions by simply connecting people with what they're already looking for.

Ever done a Google search that led you to a review of a product you were interested in? We've all done it. You're interested in a camera or a backpack or anything at all, and you do a Google search for a review.

You pick one of the higher ranked reviews in the search results, read the review, you like it, and at the end of that review you're taken through a link to a site like Amazon where you could now buy that product.

You didn't contact the reviewer or buy it from him, right? You bought from the actual merchant. Did you know that reviewer is making a commission for that review. The link you went through connecting you to the merchant is an affiliate link and now the reviewer has earned a commission for connecting you with what you were looking for.

You've been a part of affiliate marketing many times already without even knowing it.

Wealthy Affiliate Sets Us Up For Success

Because of this approach through great training and video tutorials along with a great community to learn from, Wealthy Affiliate truly sets up its members for success.

There's no "buy as you go" training modules here that slowly empty your wallet. Being a premium member means being given 100% of the training up front. So many other platforms slowly bleed you dry. Not Wealthy Affiliate.

And the best part is you can take it for a free test drive to see if it's for you first.

I owe every bit of success I've had to the mentors and community here at WA. I've been fortunate enough to meet the founders Kyle & Carson, along with the head trainer Jay along with several of the ambassadors who have full time success thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

It's important to recognize the opportunity we have here. Timing and opportunity are nothing without taking action. Make the pledge to take full advantage of this awesome training and you'll watch your goals come closer and closer into focus.

2018 is a Great Time to be a Part of WA

With so much on the horizon and new features coming to this already awesome platform, I'm so excited for those just starting their journey here at WA.

Let's do everything we can as members here to continue making Wealthy Affiliate the absolute leader for building your own successful online business. I'm very happy to be a part of this awesome community and you should be too.

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Well said, Dave! Thanks for the support :)

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This is an amazing post! Very well written, indeed.

Thank you, Michelle :) We have a lot to be proud of here at WA. I appreciate the support!

Well said. Great post.

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Wow! Great post! Drop the Keyboard !!
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Go big Eric. Well written!

Thanks, Big Mike! Always appreciate your support!

Great post Eric, and you have a great knack for writing and for someone who says he dropped out of high-school well I have to commend you.


Yeah high school wasn't really my thing lol. I spent pretty much half of it skipping :) If I can have some success here then it's a tribute to the great training for sure. Thanks for the support!

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