How To Increase Traffic For Your Website Free 2018

Last Update: Feb 26, 2018


How To Increase Traffic For Your Website Free 2018

Learning how to increase traffic for your website free can be the difference between working for someone else, and being the one calling the shots. It's literally the difference between thousands per month in revenue and having no revenue to speak of.

Every online entrepreneur wants it. You want your posts and your content to get to the masses. But should you pay for it? Or should you build it organically? While there's always a balance, true organic traffic that comes without having to spend a dime beats traffic you had to buy any day.

I think most would agree that the #1 factor when it comes to making money online is web traffic. Interestingly, it’s also one of the hardest things for any newcomer to the world of online business to attain.

In this article, you'll learn how to increase traffic for your website free by understanding the power of keywords & SEO, and utilizing the best keyword research tool for SEO that just so happens to be built right into this Wealthy Affiliate training platform: Jaaxy.

Do you think it’s pure coincidence when an article ranks in the top spot on page 1 of Google search results? It’s not. Using a keyword research tool like Jaaxy correctly can get you that all-important traffic by ranking your content in the top spots on Google’s search results.

Jaaxy is seamlessly built into Wealthy Affiliate free of charge, and you can get started with it by clicking the blue tab on the left. But first let's define what makes a good keyword so you can use Jaaxy efficiently and start building that free traffic to your site.

When I first began creating websites i knew nothing about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I had no idea of the power of keywords or how to use them for SEO and generating traffic.

Thanks to the training here at Wealthy Affiliate, I now have a full understanding of how keywords work. Watch the video below to see Jaaxy in action and fully understand what keywords are, the huge affect they have on the success of your business, the criteria for choosing a good keyword, and how to use Jaaxy as your keyword research tool. Understanding how to increase traffic to your website free can now be your reality.

Click here to watch the "Keyword Mastery" video above and see Jaaxy in action.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the key to traffic. They are simply the words or phrasing that someone types into a search engine like Google. When someone types in a keyword into the Google search bar, Google pulls up and displays the most relevant results for that search term.

Understanding which keywords to build your posts around is what will get your posts to the masses. The course lessons here at Wealthy Affiliate teach you not only how to build a great website from scratch and all about affiliate marketing, but the lessons extend to teaching you how to write your posts so that they are appearing at the top of Google search results.

Using Jaaxy, you are able to find keywords with low competition & high traffic. Now you can rank highly in Google's search results for any given keyword and get consistent free traffic to your site and your business.

Criteria of a Good Keyword

Ideally you’ll want to be targeting low competition keywords. Targeting a highly competitive keyword is the quickest way to get lost in the abyss of the internet. No one does a google search and clicks on a result that came up on page 10. Pages 1 & 2 are where you want to be. To get there consistently, it's important to start with low competition keywords.

Don't worry, there are MILLIONS of low competition keywords that stretch across each and every niche out there. This means there is huge opportunity when you have a great keyword research tool like Jaaxy to help you find those low competition keywords.

When it comes to finding competition using Jaaxy, the QSR column is king. QSR stands for Quoted Search Results. This is the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword. The lower the number, the better chance you have of ranking high for that keyword.

With any new website, a good rule of thumb is to search for keywords with a QSR under or around 100. More established sites can go out and use QSRs up around 200, but anything under 100 is ideal.

Low Competition Keywords Bring Traffic that Builds

The next criteria we can focus on are the “traffic” columns inside Jaaxy. The “Avg” column represents the average number of searches that keyword gets per month. The “Traffic” column represents how many visits to your website you could expect to get if you’re ranking highly for that keyword.

It’s human nature to want to find the huge traffic numbers we see for popular keywords. But as you’re starting off, don’t be afraid to start small. Building traffic is a numbers game. As you start putting out post after post writing around low competition keywords, what starts as a trickle of traffic will slowly grow. You can now use Wealthy Affiliate's training to turn that traffic into consistent revenue.

I like to go after keywords with competition under 100 and traffic over 100. It's something I picked up from the head trainer here Jay Neill in one of his awesome weekly live video classes we get here at WA.

Do this consistently and you'll begin ranking for these keywords you're targeting and building that stream of free traffic from Google searches. Going after keywords that get tons of traffic but are so competitive that you’ll never rank for them is pointless and just doesn’t make sense.

Choose Keywords That Make Grammatical Sense

The last criteria for choosing a great keyword is making sure it makes grammatical sense. As you use Jaaxy you may come across keywords that have unbelievably low competition and incredible traffic. But you need to ask yourself, “Does this keyword make grammatical sense?”

If it does, perfect. Jaaxy allows you to save it to your list for future reference. But if it doesn't, don't use it. Change it to something that makes grammatical sense and then run it through Jaaxy again to see the more accurate data.

Save Your Great Keywords to a List & Have Endless Content

Once you find yourself with great keywords that meet your criteria, it’s time to start saving them. You don’t have to save them all to one list, you can categorize them for easy reference.

Arming yourself with several lists of great keywords guarantees you loads of great content to right about. The further you dig the more topics you find and every topic will be one you can get solid traffic with.

Now you’re writing like a professional. You’re no longer randomly writing and hoping to get traffic. You’re proactively doing great keyword research and structuring your content so that it’s the highly ranked answer to those searches your audience is making.

The result? True organic traffic. Free.

Now you have a better understanding for how to increase traffic for your website free and you're armed with the best keyword research tool for SEO you'll find online. It's a great time to be a part of Wealthy Affiliate!

Click on the Jaaxy tab to the left and get started!

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