Here's why the big guys are making more and more sales!

Last Update: July 25, 2018

Some few years back, I found out why the big guys online are making more and more sales. I started following their steps and yes it works.

Again, it works remarkably.

It's not even any magic button. It's something everyone (including you) can do.

And there is no way it can't work for you.

For everyone here (newbie or oldbie hahaha) who is determined to make a killing online, this will just work.

Now, after reading, practice it and tell us your story. Trust me you will tell a positive story.

So why do big guys make more and more sales?

Maybe you are thinking I'm going to say they have a large following.


You are also thinking I'm going to tell you they have huge targeted traffic.


Large following and targeted traffic will massively boost sales. But that's not the key point. Getting large numbers is a result of this one thing:


Yes that's it

If you touch opportunities and drop them along the line, don't be surprised why your commissions are not forth coming.

Here is what I found...

  1. They do their search to find something that really works. Something that's in demand
  2. They focus on it and make themselves experts.

If you've chosen to promote and earn commissions with WA, writing one single post is not enough.

Do as many posts as possible targeting different features of the platform. Approach it from different angles. The more you focus on how the platform helps, the more you become the master. That will help you a lot in promoting and earning from it.

Again, the keyword is FOCUS

Rinse and repeat!

Hope that helps. Even if you are just starting here, focus on the training and practice what you learn. Don't get distracted.

Focus! Focus! Focus!

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Eddlad Premium
Good advice Estinemuki, it won't do any harm to follow it.
enstinemuki Premium
That's right.
Vickic3 Premium
Perfect- thank you for sharing
enstinemuki Premium
Thanks for the comment
JerryHuang Premium
That’s right! Focus is one of the most important factor to succeed in anything. Find your goal first, setup a plan and FOCUS!
enstinemuki Premium
Set goals, strategize and focus on achieving those goals
TommyVTE Premium
On my way to succeed an have success!
enstinemuki Premium
Hey Tom,
focus and focus
AngieKitts Premium
Thanks for the article I will definitely practice it.
enstinemuki Premium
Focus and focus.
Congratulations on your first sale. You did something that worked right? Focus, rinse and repeat for more sales