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Last Update: July 26, 2018

I want to summarize my online journey to encourage everyone just starting here.We've made money online and you too can.

I come from a country where a lot is still to be done. In this post, I was ranting about the half-baked Paypal payment method available to us.

I found WA in 2009 - 2010. I do not remember the exact date because the yahoo email I used then was lost.

I signed up and took the training for just 1 month. I think it was $39 then and the platform wasn't what it it today.

Yes I was able to use a French paypal to make the payment. But I couldn't continue because of the long list of difficulties.

During my first month on WA, I was introduced to Clickbank, PPC, Article Marketing, etc. I learned to use squidoo, ezinearticles, etc.

The first product I promoted was a solar system DIY ebook on Clickbank. It made my first sale and I earned my first $33.33 in affiliate marketing.

Hahaha can you imagine the excitement? I did articles on squidoo and ezinearticles. I also did some bit of PPC with Google. I then made some few more sales and that was super exciting.

Learning about PLR and buying my first product.

WA taught me what PLR (Private Label Rights) products are. It was a big deal to be able to own a product I didn't create. Someone creates and I just purchase and own the license.

Following the training, I found a dog training ebook. I absolutely knew nothing about dog training. But I bought the ebook on the 22nd of April 2010. Yikes!

It was just $22,50

By now, I had created a paypal account, selecting France as my country. I could recieve and make payments but needless to mention that this was going to for a short term. I lost the account as I couldn't supply requested documents to verify it.

But I have never given up and will never give up!

Following the teachings of WA, I setup my first website to sell the PLR probuct. I did some changes to the ebook. It came with a complete sales page. Just some little changes to make it feel unique.

I was able to put it through to sell on Clickbank. I got 1 or 2 affiliates to promote the product. It wasn't really effective at this level. Maybe if I continued with the WA training, I would have been able to make more.

But I got a couple of sales. The first sale came in on the 05th of may. That was quick considering the date I bought the product:

By now, I was no longer with WA. But the knowledge I had aquired kept me going.

My Clickbank earnings were sent to a friend in Belgium who would recieve and then send to me by WU.

It was really a painful exercise. The worse came when the paypal got blocked. It was just dark like some forces fighting against my online ventures.

I was already a good PHP developer. So I went back to writing my codes. In 2011, I created a Twitter traffic tool. It was going well, making me some money through 2checkout.

2012, I sold out the site for $13,500. That was a major breakthrough. After selling the site, I got into blogging.

Yes I wrote my first article as a blogger in 2012. It wasn't easy at all but I kept pushing.

Blogging has generated so much. I have known many and many awesome folks through blogging.

2013, I came back to WA. I have always loved the platform. I created the account I'm using today.

I didn't do anything since then. I really can't explain what happened but I just didn't function.

Fast foward to June 2018, I came back and this time with much more fuel in my tank. It's soon 1 month. I will be writing a report as soon as it's 1 month.


WA is a place to be. With the training offered , I was able to make $500 within few months. More has been added to the platform since those days.

WA laid my foundation as affiliate marketer.

There is more money to be made sticking around.

So let's keep giving

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Great inspirational post. I'll keep that in mind and yes keep going.
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Thank you. Hope the week is going well
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Great story about how you got started and stayed the course.
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Yes and thanks for the comment
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WOW! A grand, moving, inspiring, detailed and encouraging post. Thank you for sharing and may God bless you!
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Thanks for reading and commenting
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Rncouraging post!
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Thank you sir
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Great post..amazing
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