The main problem we face in my country with online business!

Last Update: July 23, 2018

Today, I invited a friend to my home to talk about ways to earn money online. Of course, our discussion centered around Affiliate Marketing and the fabulous WA platform.

My guy was baffled and completely blown away by the training and the tools offered for $49/m.

I just published an article (2000+ words) about WA's Affiliate program. We took off about 1 hour to talk about it and he fell completely to the charm of the program. But one question completely killed his motivation.

How does he withdraw his commissions?

That's the main problem we face here in Cameroon with Internet Marketing. Paypal being the main processor and probably the most widely used, my friend got really embarrassed to learn from me that Paypal doesn't send money to our local banks.

We use Paypal to send money out of Cameroon. But we can't receive payments. So that makes it a half-baked solution. While we hope for a complete solution from the giant payment, we still approach online business with mixed feelings.

How do I function?

I'm fortunate to know someone in USA who gives me access to her Paypal account. I have my commissions sent to that account . While this looks like a solution, there is still a big headache having the money finally sent to me in Cameroon.

But I'm not hopeless

I have seen quite some impressive results online. So despite the payment difficulties, I'm confident one day we will have a final solution. So I won't wait till then. I will keep builing my online business.

We are looking for a solution so my friend can join us with confidence as well.

Despite these hindrances, let's keep giving

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heljam404A Premium
Sorry about the inconvenience my friend, I hope that this can soon be dissolved.
enstinemuki Premium
That's my prayer, really
rubanzema Premium
Paypal is not the only way WA pays it's affiliates. I think they also pays by check but you have to reach a certain amount. Please ask again.
enstinemuki Premium
Ok thanks. I will take a closer look.
Even at that, I think our financial system is on the list of the worst. A check in USD will certainly take you through some thin bottlenecks
KathleenB8 Premium
Thank you for sharing your situation! How many blessings we Americans take for granted--that is what is really embarrassing, not your circumstances.
I'm so glad you are forging ahead. I know it will pay off for you, in every way.
enstinemuki Premium
Hey Kathleen,
Yes I'm positive about what tomorrow holds. My tag line generally is "There are better days ahead. Let's keep giving"
keishalina9 Premium
Geez -- thought banking was global? ... I'm surprised to hear about the lack of 'reciprocity' -- just wondering of how many other countries are experiencing this same thing? ... uhmm-m? ... (puzzling) maybe research this? ... thanks kindly for posting today & sharing ... keep well, cheerio... :)
enstinemuki Premium
You know most of these online businesses only pay commissions to Paypal. And paypal doesn't send money this way. That's why
JocelynMarc1 Premium
Is there any other wsy aside from Paypal? Hope this problem will be resolved.
enstinemuki Premium
WA only pays commissions to paypal. And most platforms online do same