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Mum to two kids under 3, giving affiliate marketing a red hot go in 2019 after a few years of baby brain but always keeping a toe dipped in the affiliate marketing space. I know this works because I have posts I wrote back in 2015 ranking and making me $ here and there. Onwards and upwards, no looking back!
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I'd be happy to earn $500 per month, would be really ecstatic to earn $3000 per month. I've got around 12 hours per week at the moment, so let's see how this goes :)
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Dec 19, 2016
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emilyonline Premium
I'd be happy to earn $500 per month, would be really ecstatic to earn $3000 per month. I've got around 12 hours per week at the moment, so let's see how this goes :)
Kyle Premium Plus
So awesome Emily, I know from experience that goals are what lead us to success. Work relentlessly in pursuit of these goals and they CAN and WILL happen.

In fact, wipe failure out of your mind right now. It simply won't happen. You have too much help, support and an entire community of help behind you to ever let that happen :)

If you need anything going forward, just let me known and I will be happy to give you a hand.
PatrikW Premium
Hi Emily! Good luck on your journey to achieve your goals! You can make it happen :-)
Since I well and truly surpassed my initial goals quite a while ago, it's time for a new goal. My new and exciting goal is to reach $20,000 per month within a year. By August 2022 I will have a $20,000 commissions month. It's my time and I'm ready for this next level!
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Aug 31, 2022
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Kyle Premium Plus
Sounds like you have a great interest in health/nutrition Emily, you can definitely take this passion and turn it into a successful business with some direction and a little elbow grease here at WA. We are all about turning a passion into a business and that is what our training is going to walk you through here at WA.

If you ever need a hand with ANYTHING, please don't hesitate to drop me a reply. I will be more than happy to help you out.

PS. I hope you are having an awesome week thus far!
jaytech Premium
Hello Emily, welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. If you dream of online success and creating your own website you've come to the right place. If you want to meet like-minded people then you'll have a great time here.

There are plenty of people here ready and happy to help you, so don't be afraid to ask questions.

The training is second to none, once you work your way through it you'll have all the information you need to fulfil your goals and ambitions.

Please complete your account setup and after you've done this, check this page out:
Chrislk Premium
Hey Emily,

Welcome to WA! It's nice to meet you. Check out as much as you can during your first 7 days, and see if you like everything WA has to offer. There's a lot to learn, but don't hesitate to ask questions if you're stuck on something. Much luck.

TheGrizzly Premium
Sounds like you've got a lot of potential simply based on your knowledge base. You could create so many info products. What do you have in mind. I think becoming an online diabetes dietitian would be very profitable, and rewarding. All the best.
MarcLee Premium
hey welcome to WA
Need any help let me know (: