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Like many people here at WA, I wear many hats. Recently, I've been asked to add writing coach and mentor. I'll be adding more details of that journey soon.

I am a homeschool Mom to 9 children, 7 grads, 2 in progress. We live on our family organic aquaponic farm in central Florida with a medley of pets that includes dogs, cats, horses, goats, birds, and rabbits.

Writing has always been an important part of my life and now I am a blogger that concentrates on a healthy lifestyle, family, and pets. While I enjoy blogging, I also delight in writing other forms of content. My writing reflects my diverse interests.

I'm so excited about completing my first book, a literary nonfiction titled: Living By Faith, A Journey of Faith, Family, and Fortitude. You can read more about it on my author site: http://dianekann.com. I'm working on more book projects and will hopefully have them published this year.

I welcome visitors to all my sites and social media. (see "follow me" to the right)

My websites reflect my diverse interests:

houseplantjoy.com is about houseplants!
dianekann.com is my personal author site (includes link to my books)
veganglobetrotter.com focuses on vegan cuisine from around the world
bestbakingtips.com offers recipes and a lot of great advice about--baking!
writing trails.com (a new site for me) will feature poems, short stories, etc
sr-parents.com focuses on caring for our aging parents
athomeworkguru.com (a new site) is my home business-focused site.
familylifefocus.com (a new site) is a niche off from my original site
christmascountrymom.com is my original site (I'm revamping now) with an eclectic mix of information
pet-counsel.com includes information about pets. It's my second site, so also being revamped.
I recently gave one of my previous sites to one of my daughters-- she's on WA as: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/rebekah272
the site she now has is:
and it's all about tea, the types, benefits, and happiness

I anticipate selling some of my sites over the next few months to concentrate on the others. Each one has good prospects and I'm building them to provide good value for the next owners. Stay tuned for that part of my business plan!
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How much would you be ecstatic earning?
more than $10,000/month

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30 hours or more a week
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THay0209 Premium
Hi Diane,

Thanks so much for connecting. I see that you are a WA All-Star lol. You've got some years invested and most likely the success to show for 😊. I am following you back. May you achieve more and more success in your online business and entrepreneurial journey.

DianeK59 Premium Plus
Thank you, Terese. Yes, I've been on WA a while but took some time away to care for my elderly Dad, so progress slowed a bit but I'm revamping as I go.
Nice to meet you!
EuropeanCar Premium
9 / 30 / 2020
Dear Ms. DianeK59,
Thank you welcoming me to Wealthy Affiliate. I am looking to earn my first dollar bill doing this online business. I need an additional sustainable income. I have not given up. I will do whatever it takes to achieve success, failure is not an option. I am optimistic.

Enjoy the rest of your day,
Robert Lee Benjamin Lewis
Kerryo0899 Premium
Diane, I loved your recent blog post so much I had to take a look at your baking website. I love it!

I left you a comment while I was there. You sound like such a fascinating person, I'd love to meet you in person someday.

Aquaponics, wow! Love it! I am just starting my gardening blog and committing to a aquaponics farm is so admirable.

I hope you are all doing well.

salesuniv200 Premium
Hi Diane,

It's nice to meet you.

You made a good decision to come to WA, not only are people nice and friendly here, it is also the place where you can learn to make good use of your writing skills.

If you love writing then you must also enjoy reading and that'll make you an ace student. Go through the course, make notes and practice, the rest is results that you'll come to notice.

Have fun and ask lots of questions : )

All the best,

Lovelybiz Premium
Thank you for following me Diane.

You have quite few sites already - very impressive!

Feel free to reach out if there is any way I can help ... or if you just feel like sharing :)

May we both achieve great, lasting success in our WA adventure.

Happy earning!

- Lacey
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Thank you, Lacey!

All the best-