It's Not Easy But I am Trying!

Last Update: Mar 22, 2018


Although I am working very hard on my articles, it seems I am not doing enough to get things done. I find that I am taking a much longer time to finish one article with the amount of words required. I am doing even more than the amount of hours I said I would do and still I am having a harder time this month. May be I should take a break and have a good nap to renew my energy to move on.

I do hope I will get enough sleep to finish all 12 articles in time. I still have time to do this if I can keep my eyes open.

I am not going to blame this on daylight saving time as it is only one hour out of my regular sleep but this could be one reason, or the other could be that I am not going to bed on time to get enough sleep.

Taking these into consideration, I will have to make a change in order to function because, winners never quit and quitters never win.

I know I will make it. I only have to try.

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Hey, kick back and take a break. All the work will be there when you get rested up and you will not be so over whelmed and the work will not be so difficult. Do what you can do and that is all.

Thank you for your encouraging words. I will try to do what I can manage each day and take my rest which is important.
Best of luck to you.

You are certainly determined, which is a great foundation for ultimate success!

Thank you very much. Best of luck to you.

Thank you, and to you too :)

Keep at it but if you are feeling the Overwhelm you need to take a break. All you can do is all you can do, and all you can do is enough.
We are all more productive when we are not stressed.
Wishing you luck.
With Grace and Gratitude

Hi Karen,
Thank you for your kind words. I am learning now to take a break when I have enough. I only can do so much for a day.
Best of luck to you.

I agree with Jerry... sometimes you need to just let it go completely for a day and then you will feel renewed. You will make it because you're determined and because you won't give up. :)


I will do just that to focus more and I promise you that I won't give up. Best of luck to you.

The thing that I do since I have three website is to make sure one day I do my research. To all of them once I have done that I start working on them giving myself a day during research and after to finish them all therefore none of my website's get neglected.

I hope this helps you too
Kind regards

This helps a lot. Sometimes I get distracted and move to other things. Appreciate this. All the best.

It's my pleasure :) good luck! And never be scared to come back to me for help. OK?

Thank you.

I understand because I'm struggling with this issue also. I have two websites and I find that I will do great on one topic but not as well on the other. Last month it was the other way around. I have no idea why but I'm trying not to let it bother me.

Tried and true


I think we are in the same boat but we will find a way out. Keep going and take breaks as you go along.

Just airing it out will help and you have lots going for you. Take a nap and let your mind rest on the facts of your content.

Thanks for your kind words. I need to take more than a nap All the best.

Take a step back and find something to laugh at. You would be amazed at how much good a good old fashioned belly laugh will do you. Then get back to work.

I am laughing already just by reading this. I appreciate your encouragement. All the best.

It sounds like you need a better arranged schedule. And a day for rest. However, I know this is not possible sometimes. But I wish it for you regardless.

Thank you very much. I will take a break and try to relax the mind and body.

Good you need it from time to time.

Keep consistent with it, that's the key. But do get some needed sleep Elores. Set up blocks of time everyday, don't burn yourself out. You will complete it!

Thank you very much. I will do that.

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