Millennials and Social Media

Last Update: November 04, 2016

This interesting, brief, article about millennials and social media is informative. If the rising generation does not develop an interest in intellectual stimulation and raw innovation, we are all doomed.

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All I can say is amen. John.
drjec Premium
Interesting article.
DanielF1313 Premium
Very ineteresting stuff. People are just easliy influenced, especially by media, video games, politics, social networking. I could continue, but that's my quick opinion. Intelligence is a scarce thing these days. Open minded, free thinkers.
mickeyb123 Premium
The shorter than normal media is all the rage with the millennials as well as Facebook, Twitter, snapchat and instagram. they spend a lot of time on these platforms and do not need to be incentivised to do so.

the quality and understandability of most of these is far below where they should be to ensure an intelligent populace.

A good portion of what passes as discussions are nothing more than a fairly seedy mixture of trash. Especially, as the article pointed to in the question above, in the area of politics. (just my two cents)

RDoren Premium
Cutting edge stuff. In the old days it was newspapers that could influence people's thoughts. Today it's the net. Whoever can grab people's attention and attract advertisers will influence people's thoughts. Let's hope they are not malevolent. I'm with you on this. My girlfriend has a 10 year old son. He doesn't have a particular interest in school and his major interests are video games and football (European). Now, he's only 10, but my point is this: media influence is very strong with these kids. My parents were the only influence until I got to 7th grade. Yes, teachers were there, but that was basically the three R's.