I Am Back!

Last Update: December 11, 2014

Would you believe it...after writing those inspiring blogs, setting up my website on my hosted domain, and earning 6 credits which can convert into cash, and getting over 350 referrals I quit WA. What is wrong with me? Well I guess I should rather say what was wrong with me.

I left WA sometime in October or November, I don't know which.

Well I was fumbling around out there and I received a letter from Kyle letting me know that I had five days to reinstate or I would loose my hosted domain and website. Well guess what today is December eleventh and I am back. And guess what all my stuff is still intact like I never left. Wow! WA is really the real deal.

If anybody is reading this blog and thinking about quitting...don't. Take a break call somebody but don't quit. remember "Quitters Never Win!"

Succeed Always,

Love and Peace,

PerrySr (efortune)


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Loes Premium
I am glad you came back:) Your are one of the examples that referrals exist! I am dreaming of my first, how would I react:)))))) How happy that would make me! How fulfilling! It is like the cherry on the cake! You can be so proud on your accomplishment, see you around, Loes
Judy-B Premium
Glad you are back. Keep going towards the goal. :)
MisterWailor Premium
That is interesting. Welcome back.
sandyhutch Premium
WOW!! It is nice that you are back. It is even better that you got a letter from Kyle, letting you know that you have 5 days left. I knew that WA was great, but after your post, I realize that WA is an awesome place to be. Where else would they send you a letter to let you know that you have some many days left.
Welcome back and please don't quit again without giving it some real thought.
Stay Blessed
pbar47 Premium
You know I thought I was the only one. Except I did that for a year. I didn't want to lose my website though so I would only pay every other month, just enough to keep my website from being deleted.I didn't actually do any sort of work on my website and i can't help but wonder where I would be now If I hadn't had my head stuck in my armpit. I am back now, and wouldn't you know it my editor is on the fritz. Support is looking into it though. Hope fully I'll be up and running soon. What was I thinking?