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December 11, 2014
Would you believe it...after writing those inspiring blogs, setting up my website on my hosted domain, and earning 6 credits which can convert into cash, and getting over 350 referrals I quit WA. What is wrong with me? Well I guess I should rather say what was wrong with me. I left WA sometime in October or November, I don't know which. Well I was fumbling around out there and I received a letter from Kyle letting me know that I had five days to reinstate or I would loose my hosted domain and
October 15, 2014
Today October 15, 2014 is one month to the day since I joined WA! I received a letter from Nathaniel congratulating me for achieving my first month and he also gave me some very special information which I am sure will help me to be successful. I can truly say that I am confident that continuing with WA will contribute greatly to my success as an online marketer. During my one month tenure with WA I have received 312 invitees into WA. I am focusing my time and resources into promoting the WA a
Well It has been eighteen days since I started With WA. I now have 40 referrals. Today I received notice that one of my referrals has confirmed their registration and I have earned one credit which converts to one dollar....WOOOOOWEEEEEEE! My first step! I am really excited. I have a plan for promoting WA that I think when I have been a member for ten months I should be earning about five thousand dollars per month. If I only get half that amount I shall be very glad. Well...I'll be sort
September 19, 2014
God Bless America! There I said it and I'll say it again! God Bless America! My grandson Justin called me this afternoon and asked me what my thoughts were about him enlisting in the United States Armed Forces. I have never been in active military duty but when I was a student at Southern University In Baton Rouge Louisiana I was an ROTC cadet. Had I finished college I would have been in the Army as a second lieutenant. But, I became disillusioned about my major and dropped out of college.