Make More Sales by being REAL & Confident

Last Update: January 05, 2017

Hey WA buddies,

I just want to quickly touch on two important aspects of your online business.

I wanted to shared them to my email list, thought that I would share the content here as well.


How do you increase more sales?

#1. Be Real

I am talking about showing your face to the readers. Far too often I see people put a fake image or animal photo or even image at all.

There is a reason I tell you to put a real face into your website. It is because this will create TRUST.

People don't buy from anonymous writers.

Most of them are skeptical to take your advice.

Subconsciously, the readers have these questions in mind:

"Why should I listen to this guy/girl"?

"I don't even know his name?"

"is the writer a real person"?

To combat their skepticism, you should have your name and image on your website. It will definitely boost their trust ,and this constitutes into sales!

#2. Be Confident

If there is ONE thing that separates you from other Affiliates that fail online, is having confident.

When I first got started in Affiliate Marketing, I didn't make a dime. But I never think that this should be holding me back from teaching people how to make money online.

It is a big misconception!

Same thing with other niches. You still can talk about bodybuilding, even though your body is small.

You still can talk about grooming beard if you don't have one.

You can also discuss about eating healthy, but you go to McDonald 4x a week.

At the end of the day, position yourself as an authority.

Imagine yourself as the guru, and your readers are the kids.

You might have <20% of the knowledge + experience now. But as you keep talking about the topic and helping your audience, eventually.. You will be the so-called Expert.

People all around the world. Some of them, which is your readers will look at you as their hero. It might sound corny, but this should motivate you.

Don't you like it when someone send you this message:

"Thanks Bob for all your advice, you have helped me lose weight & become the better version of myself, now I am married to the wife of my dream..Your website is so awesome." - your loyal reader/customer..

There we go.. I hope you can start implementing these simple but effective techniques, that will guarantee to make you more sales!


Edy Chandra

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Surfdude123 Premium
Good sound advice Eddy. That picture of you in the lounge chair rocks. You should use that as a profile picture. Lol "Work smarter not harder"
EdyIsChandra Premium
I wanted to use it, but I can't because of congruency between my website profile and WA profile.

Some people would not recognize me if I change the pic to the lounge chair. :P
Surfdude123 Premium
Lol, it is pretty cool though. All you need is a pic of you sleeping and the laptop. Funny stuff.
NatNiches Premium
Thanks Edy - good advice! :)
fefe8019 Premium
Great info Edy
Ndstad81 Premium
Thanks for sharing, it took me forever to get my image in my gravatar when commenting. Seeing a real face is important.
onmyownterms Premium
Great share, thanks.