I just love it when a plan comes together!

Last Update: October 06, 2014

This needs to be a quick post, because my day job is calling.

Over the past few days I have connected with a few people and it is just amazing how things works out.

I've had this idea of a group of websites I would like to create for a long time, but always felt like I needed someone for the contents, someone for the images, someone to do the marketing, someone to help with the social media marketing ...

Well I have pretty much found them all, and one of them found me! One great addition to the team commented on another blog post and I greedily snatched her for my team! We just need someone in Australia, someone in South America and we will have the continents represented too!

So dear people, watch this space! Great things are going to happen!

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hildacbg Premium
Congratulations. Great effort and great results. Blessings!
Sui_generis Premium
It is great when the puzzle pieces start fitting together.
kholmes Premium
Awesome, good job!
SowAndReap Premium
That's awesome!
MurieB86 Premium
That sounds very promising indeed!