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On the website, comments cannot be posted by people?

On the website, comments cannot be posted by people?

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Hi everyone. I need help with the comments area. Thank you in advance.

When a comment is written by an admin, while logged in, it goes through. If on the other hand is ty


Firstly, try another browser and see if the same happens.

If it doesn't, then it's most likely your browser settings - restrictions on javascript/cookies etc. If that's the case, post back which browser you're using and we'll try and help more.

If it's not that - and the issue persists across browsers, then the next step is to go through your plugins, and disable each one - test, disable next one, test - and so on.

Most commonly, it's issues with plugins that cause the biggest headaches.

So try both those things, and post back and let us know how you get on?

Cheers, Mark

Thank you for replying Mark. It does the same for Mozilla and Chrome.
And I am pretty sure,cookies are not restricted on either browser, I will check again though. IF that is the issue, shouldn't the website be cookies free?

Update: WP SpamShield is causing the issue. Right now is not active and I can post messages. Do I re-activate? Do I use a different plugin? Thanks.

Problem solved. I had to edit the settings for the WP Spamshield and now both . contact form and comments area, are working perfectly. Thank you for your assistance. Have a great day!

Hi - sorry, I wasn't on earlier to reply - but glad you got it sorted...

Those pesky plugins again :)

Cheers, Mark

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