Review On Pure Leverage In My Personal Opinion

Last Update: August 28, 2013

To All You Who Will Read This Review On Pure Leverage, I Want You to Know that I'm Not an Affiliate of Pure Leverage, But Have Been in the Past.

It is really too bad that a nice guy like Joel ends up putting together a program that leaves so many people frustrated. People who get the idea that they would like to make money online, and come across a shiny object like PL and start spending money making those TOP guys even richer while these new people giving it everything they've got and end up having to walk away empty handed.

When they advertise Pure Leverage they say 100% commission and oh my word it is too, but only for the first month. Makes you wonder why they don't tell you that.

When they are advertising Pure Leverage, they also don't tell you that it's going to cost you about $20/ month to get paid $10/month. That ought to make you some money. Oh I almost forgot. You have to build a massive organization. Come on, say it with me. You have to build a huge organization. See that was easy. Now try doing it when you're just new and don't know a first thing about marketing.

Here's my advice if you're considering joining Pure Leverage. Unless you have a huge list of seasoned marketers who have the same, you might not want to join, unless you are really set on the idea that you want to use their tools, if that's not it, run for cover.

When you see their advertisement, you might get the idea that you can easily make money there, but let me tell you what's easy there. Spending is what's easy. As for all that success training, in my opinion that's all hype.

After I went into debt trying to make money there and realized that there was no end in sight as far as my spending into PL, I realized I had better do something that would get some money into my bank not just out. I had spent in access of $3000 and made $160 out of which $140 finally became spendable money. If that isn't your idea of how to make money online, you might want to find another way.

But I did find a community of online marketers who are always willing to help with anything I need and here I'm not losing any money. I really enjoy the step-by-step training and it got me making money within days.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate there is never any pressure for buying anything and I love the helpful community. If you think that you would enjoy this kind of environment, come join us it's free and we will never pressure you for money.

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gregarious1 Premium
I liked Joel and GVO a lot for their products but then he came out with Pure Leverage and I just hated it straight out. They took the best from GVO and made it more expensive for less value and hyped it big time. yuuuk!
ebizmh Premium
Totally agree with you there.
rebeccas Premium
I am so sorry that you lost money with these people. Your review is well written and I like the way you worked Wealthy Affiliate into the last part of your content. Good job, John!
ebizmh Premium
Thank you I appreciate it
Shawn Martin Premium
Nice review. Man, always stay away from anything that shines and costs money...... :)
bluejay18 Premium
Thanks for your insight.Are you totally against MLM programs or only expensive ones ?Is there a place for MLM at all?Would appreciate your opinion.
ebizmh Premium
The trouble I have with MLM is that there are too many people who get involved and are not able to make money and don't have the salesman capability and that is a problem. So, yes I guess I am against MLM totally.