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February 14, 2014
I hope that everyone enjoy's their Feb.14th Day this year. I am celebrating with my husband. We are going out for supper and then heading to a motel for a night of togetherness, so looking forward to some us time. I hope you all have a wonderful day today as well!
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Warning to people who are attempting to make money online, that you do not fall prey to scammers. There are specific thongs to look out for when it comes to identifying a program that may be a scam. Buying Before You Qualify to Sell First question to ask your self. If you have to buy the product in order to get paid for selling it. You need to think about that, why should you have to pay, in order to sell a product. Let's say you work at a car dealership, imagine how many cars you would
There are some common scams elderly are facing these days. Local companies are using calling centers to scam senior citizens in many different ways. Times may be tough, but seriously. Do companies get away with using calling centers to scam seniors? How crooked can business owners get and still sleep at night? There must be more people void of a conscience than I thought. My wife and I moved 3000 miles recently to be with her dad, as her mom had passed away and her dad wasn't coping so well on
Hey Here's The Truth. Is Empower Network A Scam Well Maybe it's a Matter of Opinion. However, In February of 2013 I had No Debt, I was Living Debt Free For Quite a Few Years. In March of 2013 I joined Empower Network. My sponsor was Robert Probst first thing he and his scam team did when I joined. They scammed $8,500.00 out of me by telling me how much traffic and how many sign ups I would get in Empower Network, how many of those sign ups were buyers and and that 43% of those buyers would bu
To All You Who Will Read This Review On Pure Leverage, I Want You to Know that I'm Not an Affiliate of Pure Leverage, But Have Been in the Past. It is really too bad that a nice guy like Joel ends up putting together a program that leaves so many people frustrated. People who get the idea that they would like to make money online, and come across a shiny object like PL and start spending money making those TOP guys even richer while these new people giving it everything they've got and end up