New Milestone: 100 Sales Promoting WA

Last Update: Jun 23, 2021

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I was excited to learn that I had hit the 100th sales mark promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I didn’t officially begin to promote WA until July 2019.

It was then that I decided to start a new niche website dedicated to recommending the platform.

Here are two previous posts about progress:

10 Month Blog Anniversary [and $1100 Made]

7 Premium Upgrades in May and Moving Forward

Part of the reason I decided to start promoting WA was that I wanted to challenge myself. My goal was to create a new income stream and the decision has paid off.

I also like the affiliate program. It offers recurring commissions and those are my favorite types of commissions.

Although I promote WA using YouTube and also an email list, my website is the main traffic generator.

The content that I create attracts a targeted audience and from my posts, I am able to direct visitors to my WA review page, my email list, and to WA itself.

It is all about following what is taught here and creating content that attracts your niche audience.

What Has Worked for Me

Consistency is key - When I started my website, I was extremely consistent about creating content. At a minimum, I was writing 1 - 2 new posts per week. If I could write more, then I would do so.

Using calls-to-action - I place a call-to-action towards the top of my posts and also at the end of my posts.

Review page - Having a dedicated review page (also referred to as a presell page) has generated a lot of new signups.

Following up with new referrals - I make an effort to reach out to my new referrals on their profile pages. Many of my referrals do reach out to me with questions and I’m always excited to help them the best I can.

YouTube and my email list also generate signups but not nearly as much as my website.

My goal is to get back into a more consistent writing schedule for my website. I admit that I got sidetracked doing other things and ended up writing less content for this website.

It would be great to make it to the WA Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference someday. Next month, my website will be 2 years old. I’ll likely post another update about it then.

Trust the process. What you learn here works. You have to apply what you learn and do so on a consistent basis.

Until the next update, keep on creating! :)

Recent Comments


Wow, Eartha. This is such an encouraging post. I'm also keen to set up a website focusing on affiliate marketing. Your website looks fabulous and I see you're also rocking YouTube.

I was surprised to hear that your blog generates more traffic than YouTube, I really thought it would be the other way around. Thanks for so generously sharing your experience with us so we can apply this knowledge to our own process.

Hi Lauren! Yes, my blog content converts much better than YouTube and also generates more traffic. YouTube traffic is supplemental and I use it more now to build my email list. Thanks for stopping by and wish you much success!

Hi Eartha,

Congrats on your 100th WA commission. That’s an incredible achievement, so a big high-five!

I agree with your key points, especially staying consistent. I recently started writing posts each week on my niche site, as I got a little sidetracked not too long ago. But I’m back at it. Consistency is key, for sure.

Kudos to you, and keep on bringing in more WA referrals!



Hi Eric! Thanks a lot. :) We all get sidetracked from time to time but as long as we can get back on track, it's all good. Keep moving forward and wishing you all the best. :)

Thanks for the reminder about being consistent. That is my biggest challenge. Time for me is a juggling act. I am managing it and will see what happens in the next couple of months for me.

Also, I had to come back to edit... CONGRATS on your 100th sale!!

I look forward to seeing your next update.

I wish you the best!


Hi Bob! Yes, consistency is key! Thanks so much and wishing you great success moving forward!

Awesome Eartha, you are doing amazing. You are well on your way to Super Affiliate status and I know with the growth you have seen over the last year and the effort you are putting forth, you are going to have a sustained and exciting journey within the affiliate marketing world.

Keep us updated as you continue to progress!

That's very kind of you General Kyle I really admire how you put a trailer load of effort to congratulate members on their achievements
These are the reason why Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to be , because the community is top class led by the General himself
Nice one General Kyle

Thanks so much, Kyle! I sure will! :)

I couldnt agree more! This platform is the best!! :) Thank you "Generals Carson and Kyle!" :)

That's great. I do everythng you list here, except the review page. I just don't like reading product reviews or writing them, unless it's a niche I'm interested in, but even then. I love creative writing, not writing under a set template. I still need to figure out how to make that work. It has to work as well or perhaps I haven't found my target audience yet.

Hi Christine. I can imagine that is a dilemma. It definitely helps to be in a niche that you're genuinely interested in. I enjoy the MMO niche so it is easier to create content. I'm sure you will find what works for you. :)

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