10 Month Blog Anniversary [and $1100 Made]

Last Update: May 2, 2020

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I wanted to create this post to document the progress of my latest blog which is 10 months old today.

To provide some background, I created this blog in order to generate a new stream of income. It is in the make money online niche and the main product I promote is Wealthy Affiliate.

When I started training here, I initially started out promoting Wealthy Affiliate and then changed directions. The reason I did was because I ended up discovering a different niche that I became more interested in.

Also, the MMO niche is challenging! As many of you already know, it is not the easiest niche to be in.

I decided to promote Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate for several reasons:

1. The training works and I want to share it with others

2. The platform makes it easy for me to help my referrals

3. I enjoy the topic of affiliate marketing so content creation is fun for me

4. The affiliate program is awesome and pays on time every time

Some Quick Stats

The below are April 2020 stats:

Users: 1,451

Pageviews: 3,835

Bounce rate: 76%

Blog posts: 155

I've read many progress updates and income reports here of those that promote Wealthy Affiliate. I know that many WA affiliates create a lot of product reviews. That is something I have not done much of on this blog.

I'm sure it would probably help with increasing traffic. However, I'm quite happy with the progress of this blog without having done many product reviews.

I try not to guage my blog's success by what others are doing because everyone approaches the MMO niche in different ways.

However, I do appreciate everyone's progress posts as they are motivational and demonstrate what hard work can achieve.

As far as earnings go, this blog has made a little over $1,100 thus far. I also do some light promotion on YouTube which has contributed to the total as well. However, a majority of referrals were referred by the blog.

Overall, I think my new blog is moving along nicely. I'm extremely happy that it is already generating income. Moving forward, I plan on creating more content and doing my best when helping current and future referrals.

In closing, the training here works if you follow it and implement what you are learning. I demonstrate it to myself and I see it demonstrated within this community when reading everyone's successes.

Thanks for reading! Keep at it and don't give up!

Recent Comments


That's awesome, Eartha! I'm happy for you- I can tell you put the time and effort into monetizing your blog.

I like the direction you went into. I started with a regular niche site, and I might do an MMO site at some point. At least I'll have a much better understanding if I eventually have an MMO site.

So glad to hear about your progress- and as you said, don't give up sticks in my mind all the time.

All the best.


Thank you, Eric! I definitely have more confidence this time around with creating a website in the MMO niche. Some people can start off in the MMO niche as beginners and do really well. However, I'm glad I changed directions early on as it worked out better for me.

It is all a continuous learning process. I'm still learning so much along the way. Thanks again for your feedback and I wish you much success with your websites!

Good use of the training.

Thank you, Jerry!

Congratulations on your hard work 🍾

Thank you! :)

You are very welcome

Awesome! Congratulations!

Thank you, Christine!

Stellar progress, Eartha!


Thank you, Jeff!

You're very welcome!


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