7 Premium Upgrades in May and Moving Forward

Last Update: Jun 2, 2021

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Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program is one of my favorite affiliate programs that I am a part of.

I set out to generate a new stream of income with Wealthy Affiliate. I had already found success in another niche and was interested in recommending Wealthy Affiliate and earning commissions from the affiliate program.

I took what I learned from the Affiliate Bootcamp training and applied it to my new niche website.

Applying what I learned and with consistent effort, my new website began generating a steady income.

In combination with the blog and email marketing, I gained 7 new Premium upgrades for May, along with the recurring sales I already have.

May Was Productive with My Referrals!

Besides offering recurring commissions and paying commissions on time, every time, this affiliate program is also rewarding in terms of helping those you refer.

Referring new members to WA is about helping these new members along their journey of creating successful niche websites of their own.

May was really productive in terms of helping my referrals. They asked some great questions and I’m glad that I was able to help them as best I could.

It always makes me happy to see the progress they are making!

My Plan Moving Forward

My goal is to continue growing my website. Although May was productive for me in other areas, I didn’t write as much as I wanted to on the blog.

In order to do that, I plan on ramping up my content creation in June. Aggressive content creation is what helped me initially so I want to get back to writing more often.

I’m also going to continue growing my email list as it also does well with signing up free trial members.

Jay has recently put out some excellent email marketing funnel training here:

Recurring commissions are some of the best commissions that you can earn as an affiliate marketer. My overall goal is to have this affiliate program be one of my top-earning in terms of all of the affiliate programs I am a part of.

When you can find an excellent product/service that also offers an affiliate program with recurring commissions, it is worth considering promoting. Wealthy Affiliate offers that and I’m so glad that I put in the time and effort to begin recommending it.

If you are interested in promoting Wealthy Affiliate now or in the future, be sure to take the Affiliate Bootcamp training. Stay consistent in your efforts and you can create a steady stream of income for yourself.

Keep on creating! :)

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Awesome Eartha
Keep the momentum going

Thank you, Simone! I appreciate it! :)

You are welcome :)

Congratulations. I am glad that it is working for you.


Thanks so much, Alex :)

Wonderful achievement Eartha keep going forwards and continue to enjoy all before you

Well done


Thank you, Andre! I wish you much success in your online business. :)

You are most welcome Eartha and thanks for the follow as well. Will reply shortly

Continue to have a great week ahead.


Well done Eartha. Keep it up!

Thank you, Hugh!

My pleasure as always Eartha

That's amazing!!

I appreciate it! Thank you!

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