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I wanted to create a blog entry here to share my experience with creating and selling my first ebook. I’ve always liked the idea of creating and selling information products.There are many creators that have information products that they sell to their audience. For example, I have a family member who is a home chef and has a large following on Instagram.She created an ebook of her recipes and each time she promotes it, it sells extremely well. Best of all, she charges pay-what-you-want p
It has been a while since I've blogged here and it's due to keeping busy creating content on my own websites. However, I wanted to share an awesome success today. I woke up to a $782 commission for a product I've been promoting for some time now.This sale occurred because of what I learned here. Content creation and helping my niche audience. Consistent effort.I help many of my WA referrals with questions about their own online businesses and a recurring theme comes up often and that is impatie
I was excited to learn that I had hit the 100th sales mark promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I didn’t officially begin to promote WA until July 2019.It was then that I decided to start a new niche website dedicated to recommending the platform.Here are two previous posts about progress:10 Month Blog Anniversary [and $1100 Made]7 Premium Upgrades in May and Moving ForwardPart of the reason I decided to start promoting WA was that I wanted to challenge myself. My goal was to create a new income
Yesterday was officially my 5 year anniversary of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I will never forget when I took a chance and made the decision to sign up as a free starter member.I had just been laid off from a job and I wanted to make a real effort at earning an income with affiliate marketing.During that time, I ended up applying for and getting a full-time retail job. At the same time, I put up a WordPress blog and had no idea what I was going to do with it.I didn't want to waste a lo
Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program is one of my favorite affiliate programs that I am a part of.I set out to generate a new stream of income with Wealthy Affiliate. I had already found success in another niche and was interested in recommending Wealthy Affiliate and earning commissions from the affiliate program.I took what I learned from the Affiliate Bootcamp training and applied it to my new niche website.Applying what I learned and with consistent effort, my new website began gener
I am always on the lookout for products within the MMO niche so that I can write about them if I find them interesting enough.There are several places to find new and up-and-coming products in this niche and one of the easiest places to find them is on Instagram.While I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I noticed how many of these products show up in the ads. This is the case for me because I visit a lot of different digital product websites. There are a lot of product creators that adve
Lately, I’ve been having to contact a couple of affiliate programs I am a part of in order to check the status of my affiliate commissions.One of the affiliate programs I am a part of usually pays on time. This month was the first time they actually paid out late.The second affiliate program I am a part of has been late two months in a row. I give them until the final date payments are to be paid before sending an email.Each time, they apologize for being late and the commission is sent b
I recently logged into my Clickbank account and was happy to find a $471 commission made two days ago. When I checked what the product was, I realized that it was from one blog post that I wrote over a year ago.That same blog post has made a little over $1K from the same product since I've written it. Although it isn't a consistent commission, it is still great that a post I wrote over a year ago is still earning commissions every now and then.To give some backstory on the article, it is an ove
Recently, I wanted to create a niche website that is monetized by Amazon Associates.I started the blog to challenge myself as well as to create a new stream of income. Similar to when I started a niche website to promote WA.When I got started here, I didn't focus on the Amazon affiliate program which is a common option for beginners. I got to thinking, why not try it out?I'm excited to share my first commission from this niche website:It is a small commission but I'm excited because it is proof
I wanted to create this post to document the progress of my latest blog which is 10 months old today.To provide some background, I created this blog in order to generate a new stream of income. It is in the make money online niche and the main product I promote is Wealthy Affiliate.When I started training here, I initially started out promoting Wealthy Affiliate and then changed directions. The reason I did was because I ended up discovering a different niche that I became more interested in.Al