Invest In Youtube - You Won't Regret it!

Last Update: May 15, 2022


Quick post..

Every affiliate marketer should be on Youtube.

Youtube is the second biggest search engine and probably will be #1 eventually.

Google is an absolute mess right now for me and has been since last September - the way they're indexing blog posts is insane.

However, Youtube is better than ever.

I launched a new channel two weeks ago because I was frustrated with Google.

I just made a video every day for two weeks based on the review I wrote for my website.

Despite it being a new channel the video indexes INSTANTLY. And in many cases is instantly indexed into Google on page 1.

As a result I'm already getting 100 views a day from just 11 videos and have 19 subscribers.

The way Google is right now it would probably take a year to get these results with a new website.

I launched a new site in December and wrote about 60 blog posts. All were around 2500 words and so far 3 posts are indexed!

The best part is these videos take about 45 minutes to create.

I use an editor that costs $15 per month and a $50 mic.

My face isn't in the videos and I just record the screen and narrate.

The results have been amazing so far.

So if you're fed up with Google or just looking to double your results, you have to get on Youtube.

Its instantaneous results!

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Hello Dylan,

I just abandoned my original MMO website I started three years ago because my results were abysmal. I feel this was mostly my fault.

Many years ago, well before I started joined WA and started affiliate marketing I created a YouTube channel to upload concert videos of young artists. I have not done anything with that for three years.

Since I have over 14K subscribers and over 8 million views, I want to repurpose this channel for my MMO business. Since its name is netzoomer I also bought the domain a year ago with the same name.

My intention is to create content on this new blogging site as well as videos for my YouTube Channel. May I ask for your advice if this approach sounds reasonable?



It should be fine. You don't need authority on Youtube, though. So if you started a new channel your videos would index right away.

Hi Dylan,

You're absolutely right about YouTube. YouTube is huge right now.

YouTube is an excellent source for organic traffic (and I heard it may be the # 1 source out there). Especially with more people consuming video content these days, YouTube is the go-to platform these days.

I'm not using YouTube for content creation now, but I may look into it at some point for my niche website. So that's definitely an option to have on hand.

Great post- thanks for sharing and keep it going with your YouTube channel.



Yep, YouTube is a must! I’ve decided to go all in on poker content and published my first poker vlog about 4 days ago. Views are about 1K now on it, but the poker community is super engaging, so I expect a fast growth especially with the new vlogs yet to come out.

And they said my first Vlog was one of the best ones they’ve watched, so out of curiosity I went to first poker vlogs of my fave poker content creators, and I see the difference! So being a content creator for years in other niches, paid off.

Keep it up man!

Good to hear Zarina! That's something your passionate about too so it should be fun to create videos around it.

Definitely! If I eat and breathe poker, might as well create content around and make money! haha

I agree on it taking maybe roughly a year of consistent content creation with a site to hit 100 hits per day on SERPs for someone that is brand spankin' new to affiliate marketing in general, but with practice and creating a new site - learning from mistakes etc - it can evolve much quicker than that to hit 100 readers per day.

Eventually, I'll hop into YouTube, I want to snag a good microphone beforehand... I think starting on TikTok first then migrating to YouTube videos will be the move for me once I'm ready to dig in.

You're 100% right, YouTube is a gold mine for creators! Huge, huge, HUGE potential in creating awesome videos!

Grats on everything you've done! 👍

In the past I could get a new website to 100 views a day in a few months pretty easily.

Something changed in Google, though.

It's just not indexing new content in the same way.

Youtube is good, though. I'm really happy with it!

I wish Our Youtube results were as impressive.

We have been building the channel for over 3 years now, and have around 60 videos.

It's been built very much as a support to the main blog rather than a primary channel and as it's Travel, it's obviously taken a battering over the last 20 months!

Still, with over 60 vids we only pull 200-250 views a day which is around half what we need to monetize. It has made us basically zero cash directly, and at times really feels like a waste.

We are doing a BIG push over the next two weeks to get it back on track. I have made 15 new Videos over the last 5 days and will be adding them slowly over the next couple of weeks.

Our main focus will still be the Blog though as that actually makes money and the Youtube work does support that even if it makes no money directly.

I wish you luck!

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