10 Examples Of Very Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites

Last Update: Aug 12, 2017


I'm always doing research on different niches and thought I'd share these 11 sites that are getting a lot of traffic - some of them a stunning amount.

I hope anyone struggling to make money finds this post useful. One thing I noticed in all websites is they follow the same formula laid out here at Wealthy Affiliate - the content focuses on individual reviews of products, lengthy best of lists and how to articles pertaining to the niche.

All examples are websites you could easily copy and ones you yourself could make too.

1) 144hzmonitors.com

Traffic: 1.8 million per month

Domain age: 2 years 4 months

This website reviews computer monitors and gets an astounding 1.8 million views per month, with most of it coming from Google. If you look most of the content is computer screen reviews and news about computer screens.

They write a few best of lists that are computer related but not monitor related. Probably 90 percent of the website is focused on screens, though.

If I had to guess this website is making somewhere around $60,000 per month. It looks like a few people write articles for this website but it's something you could do yourself if you really focused.

It only took a little over 2 years to build this website. Imagine making around $600,000 a year with this type of website!

2) Monitornerds.com

Traffic: 500,000 per month

Domain age: 1 year 9 months

I was so shocked that a computer screen website could get so many views I decided to look for another and I found monitornerds.com

This is another website you could do alone and it isn't too fancy. Again, they just write 1000 word reviews about monitors and every once in a while write a lengthy best of post.

This website could be making anywhere from 10k a month to 20k a month. It took under 2 years to get there too!

3) Theoutdoorland.com

Traffic: 150,000 a month

Domain age: 1 year 3 months

This website is a little broader than the last 2 you've seen. This person is in the outdoor niche and writes about hunting gear, fishing, hiking, survival gear and stuff like that.

This website doesn't really focus on individual reviews that much and instead most of the content is best of posts (this is the way I like to do it).

If I had to guess the person who created this website isn't even an outdoorsman. The gentleman behind the site is from Vietnam and I'm guessing just did some keyword research and came to the conclusion (correctly) that the outdoor niche would be profitable.

You get a bigger commission selling outdoor gear on Amazon than you do selling computer equipment. Even though this website doesn't have the same traffic as the last website, it probably makes around 10k

That's a six figure salary and it took only a little over a year to achieve!

4) Yardcaregurus.com

Traffic: 45,000 per month

Domain age: 1 year 9 months

This website is about yard care and the content focuses on reviews of lawn mowers, leaf blowers, weed wackers, grass seed and everything else you need to have a nice looking lawn.

This person does a lot of individual reviews and best posts. There's short how to articles too (around 750 words or less)

What's good about the yard care niche is it offers high commissions in Amazon - 8%!

That's about as high as you can get. I'm guessing this website is making around 4k to 5k a month, which is pretty good.

I think there's a lot of potential in this niche too and if this person wrote longer content he'd probably get more traffic and money.

5) Hairlossable.com

Traffic: 212,000 per month

Age domain: 1 year 6 months

Here we have a very basic looking website and one you could easily set up without much experience. The wordpress them they're using is simple and there's no bells and whistles.

Despite this it's still getting an amazing 212,000 clicks per month. If you look at their content you'll notice they do the same thing as the other websites - individual reviews, best of lists and how to articles.

Their individual reviews are pretty short (under 1,000 words) and their best of lists are longer (usually over 3,000 words).

I'm not entirely sure how much this website makes but I'd guess at least 7k to 10k a month, which is a 6 figure salary.

People care about their hair too so I'm guessing the readers of this website are motivated buyers.

6) Baldingbeards.com

Traffic: 427,000 per month

Domain age: 2 years 11 months

Here we have another hair related niche and this person is doing quite well. They write reviews on different shavers and stuff related to trimming and maintaining beards.

There's stuff on men's lifestyle and balding prevention too.

The best of lists this person writes are very long and some are as long as 6,000 words.

I'm pretty sure this guy is making a pretty good amount of money from this website and If I had to guess I'd say between 20k to 30k or more a month. '

The website design is very basic too and he's using a 50 dollar wordpress theme that I've used in the past called Schema.

7) Switchbacktravel.com

Traffic. 1,200,000 per month

Domain age: 6 years 6 months

This is the second outdoor website on this list and this one is a bit more serious. I would consider this the type of website you should be striving for.

This website has about 8 different writers and it's taken over 6 years to get to this point. I'm willing to guess this website brings in a lot of money and the founder of it is now a millionaire or near millionaire.

This website does a lot of individual reviews and fairly in depth best of posts (between 3,000 words to 4,000 words).

They cover a lot of topics too from skiing, hiking, camping, running, climbing and all other outdoor activities.

8) Batandballgame.com

Traffic: 38,000 per month

Domain age: 1 year 7 month

This is a baseball website and uses the same basic wordpress theme as baldingbeards.com, which is called Schema - it can be purchased from Mythemeshop.com for 50 bucks.

This website probably only makes around $1,500 to $2,000 a month but there's not much content here. In 19 months this person has only written 70 pieces of content. This comes out to around to 3.6 piece of content posted a month (less than one a week).

This is a great website that doesn't take a ton of effort. This person focuses primarily on lengthy best of posts and not individual reviews.

9) Coffeemakerpicks.com

Traffic: between 200,000 to 100,000 per month

Domain age: 2 years 1 month

This website kind of blows mind. They have under 20 pieces of content but still get up to 200,000 clicks per month.

What this person did was pick high traffic keywords (best coffee makers, best coffee makers 2017) and writes in depth best of posts for them - there's no individual reviews on this website.

It's visually a nice website and content is well crafted. If you're going to use this strategy of less content you have to be 100% certain you'll rank well for the keyword you're writing. You can do this by writing a very in depth of post of probably 5,000 words or more to guarantee a first page ranking.

This person probably gets most traffic from 5 or 6 kewords but gets 30,000 clicks per keyword, per month.

If I had to to guess this person makes between 7k to 12k per month.

10) Protoolreviews.com

Traffic: 450,000

Domain age: 8 years 4 months

This is a true authority site and has been around since 2008. They review power tools for professionals and home use.

This is another website that you should be striving for. They're respected in their market and at this point they have several writers on staff.

If I had to guess they're bringing in around 30k per month or more.

How To Get A Website Like This

Go through the training here at WA and do whatever Kyle says. Also, check out this free training from this website: http://incomeaddon.com/

That guy makes over 20k a month as an Amazon affiliate and goes into more detail about creating successful websites. He'll show you how to make in depth buyer guides and which content to focus on.

In my opinion best of lists are most important, then individual reviews, then how to articles.

You best of lists should be lengthy and provide many different products at different products and thorough. If you have a top 10 list I would shoot for at least 3,000 words.

I hope you found these websites inspiring!

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All of them are easy to copy... with the exception of the tools one and switchbacktravel... Especially switchback. You can tell that years and years and years of hard ass work, love, labour, blood and tears were spent creating that masterpiece and unfortunately most WA members will never see that level of sophistication or traffic in my own opinion.

Just makes me realise how much my website truly sucks but really drives the point home at how much friggin work I have to change the website and make it way, way better. THanks for sharing!

It's def worth the work!

Thnx for sharing, D.

Thanks for sharing

No problem!

Definitely useful Dylan. Thanks for doing the research and sharing it with us.

No Problem!

Nice article buddy. Just wondering how do you get all the data about visitors for these sites?

I just go to similarweb.com.. it's not perfect but it's close

I believe it's a tool to check on our competitors? Thanks for sharing dylan!

No problem!

Great research Dylan. Thanks for sharing this.

Thanks.. hope you found it useful!

Great article thanks for sharing

No problem!

I think the key point here is that these websites focus heavily on actual products, rather than just general niche-related blog posts. They're all about product reviews, best of posts (which are mini product reviews) with a few how to article thrown in.

As affiliate marketers we are all ultimately trying to sell a product in one form or another, and the best way to do that is focus our efforts on actual products. You build up a lot more product related keywords overall on the site this way as well.

I think this approach is a lot more successful when it comes to making sales than just generally blogging within your chosen niche and occasionally making a relevant product recommendation within the content.

Definitely.. you have to have keywords that are going to make you money!

Wow! These are terrific sites. They are engaging and worthy of success. valuable property assets!

Yep and there all ones you and others could make

This was really interesting... thanks! I've saved a bunch of those sites under an "Inspirational Sites" folder and will need to pick them apart a bit once I'm ready for my next niche!

So here's my question for you, if you don't mind my picking your brain a bit: How does one actually discover what the "Best of..." or "Top 10" ARE to write the posts? Go by Amazon's Best-Sellers or dig through and find the "highest rated" ones on Amazon?

Hey thanks for reading the post! I personally go to well known websites that sell the product I want to do a best of post and then find it on Amazon.

So if I were doing best baseball bats 2017 I would go to dicksportinggoods.com and look at their best sellers. I would then go to Amazon and find each product and link to them.

You can usually find most products you're looking for.

Makes sense! Thanks!

No problem.. you'll want at least a 300 word description of each product too.

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