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"I'm just your average small town 22 year old I guess. I'm not married (yet) and don't have any children (yet haha) I've dabbled in the online businesses for a few years,mostly focusing on Ebay and drop shipping until the market got crowded and I didn't have the skills to adapt. Time to learn affiliate marketing :D"

I decided to leave up the profile that I posted when I joined cause I find it quite funny at the things that have changed since I've been gone. Yes I did leave for quite a long time due in no reason to me not liking WA, but now I'm back :D Things that have changed- Well I'm 28 now lol. I'm still not technically married, I like to say I'm married without the paperwork lol, still have all the same rules xD. I do have a daughter now, Emily, as of this writing she's 2 1/2 and a little shit just like her dad :D Anyways I'm extremely happy to be back and continue my adventure :D
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JoePierce Premium
Welcome to the WA Premium family! Good luck with your online ventures! Cheers, Joe
Dustinb Premium
Hehehe, thank you. I've actually been a premium member on and off for years. Just getting back after a very long rough spot. Ready to hit the ground running again!
anitab Premium
Thanks for the follow!
morlandroger Premium
Thanks for the buddy request. Pleased to meet you.
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
stanleytjim Premium
Try PPG tutorial https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/share_zone/view/710 it will get you start.. Try not to read everything you see!! Stick with one thing only then move on to another campaign!!