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Last Update: October 26, 2015

I don't remember when I joined WA, not precisely. I'm terrible with dates and time. But I do know that I've been a member for less than 6 months, possibly less than a full 3. Nevertheless, I can see that WA is a great place for any with the drive to make something of themselves to be. To me, this is fact, not opinion.

I personally evaluate whether something is good or bad depending upon how well it does what it says it does and is advertised to do. That said, let me tell you this, WA does all that it says it does...and so much more. I love a good bonus pack.

But WA didn't offer me a bonus pack, all the goodness packed inside of this site comes from an exceptional community and the founders that have and adhere to a clear vision of what they wanted to create for the world.

That's right. I said the world.

Many of the individuals whose success stories I've read here are self made, using the knowledge they gained from every contributing member of the site and the tools WA provides each of us with. And those individuals are from pretty much any civilized place on the planet. That's amazing.

Where I am in America, (and I'm sure it's the same in other countries) it's easy to want to do something. It's easy to have a plan. It's easy to have a vision and it's just as easy, if not much easier, to let it all go to waste because of everyday hurdles in the rat race. Easy to get bogged down and "settle" for what everyone else around you is doing.

A 9-5 job or a 40hr per week full time job that you have no attachment to, don't believe in the cause of, or might even hate the way they practice their business...

It's too expensive. It's too far. It takes too long. It's too risky. Not enough people. Don't know anyone who could help. Don't know anyone with knowledge on that...All of these are reasons or excuses I have used in the past to get out of doing something that might be for my greatest benefit.

What makes WA special is that it's community is of a mindset on a different level. WA has a community of what I call "doers," people that simply just do things. The community here in WA will simply just help you. They will simply just encourage you. Simply just answer your questions that have you stuck, simply just empower you to do your utmost to make your pursuit of personal success smoother.

That's right, personal success. It has nothing to do with them. They give of themselves freely.

In WA, you won't be pushed, you won't be bullied, you won't be hustled, you won't be rushed, you won't be talked down to and you won't be made fun of for failing or not knowing something. They'll pick you up, dust you off, tell you something helpful and encourage you to keep going if you truly believe in what you're trying to do.

This is an information pool that allows you to take advantage of your freedom. WA gives you everything you need and more to allow you to make choices. The choice to find something that you feel is worthy of your time, the choice to commit to making it into something you can be proud of, and the choice to put it down if you feel it's costing you more than you're willing to give.

Either way, you won't be judged by WA. This is a place of personal growth in business, initiative, commitment, and positivity. I was skeptical to join WA at first. I thought it would be another business that asks me to give them more than they would offer me, because hey, that's business.

I don't regret my decision to give this site a go.

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StratosK Premium
True words.
AmandaBaker1 Premium
Amen to that Duey! I love it here! So nice to meet you and greatly said to the value of Wealthy Affiliate :) Blessings to you!
1ladywhite Premium
Great. Post Duey! I was feeling a little down earlier with some things I was seeing. I had the thought that possibly many just go back and forth writing posts to each other with pretend forward motion. Now, I’m back feeling reassured that people here do in fact succeed, and hopefully finacially to.

Cheers to you...
Fleeky Premium
GailLowe Premium
Totally agree .... in triplicate! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
ericcantu Premium
Well put together blog :) Nicely done.
I am just joining. Today is my first day. I am already encouraged from your blog and all the positive replies from your blog. Wish me luck.
JChrisA Premium
That's it! You told it like it is!! Thanks. :)
sali82 Premium
stevecox Premium
Very good message Keith ! Congratulations :-)

All the best,
DevynHudoba Premium
Great blog! I've only been on WA for a few days now but it is already apparent that everything you've written is true. Unlike most sites, it is the community which makes WA such an amazing place rather than pure content/product. Imagine if this place was filled with YouTube-esque comments... Not sure it would work out very well.
Scottxyz Premium
Well said DueyD, I've been here almost six months and stumbled, fell, pick myself back up with the help and encouragement of the WA community... If you run into a problem or have any questions, you can bet it's been asked before or someone will have the answer.
cadam13 Premium
Been here a month and 100% agree!! Caroline
BeingGreat Premium
JamesMichel Premium
No argument here! Telling it like it is!
DamienSmith Premium
Thanks for the reinforcement.
celiacman Premium
I only been here about one week , but already I have accomplished so much and learned so much.
Rick Jantz Premium
Been here for three years plus. Very much worth it. Great post.
DueyDecibel Premium
3+ years? That sounds really promising. You must have built something worth your time, huh?
2Al Premium
Nice post about WA. Wishing you success.
synaptik Premium
Hi Duey. I agree with you that the community is what really makes WA tick. I'm glad that you're finding it rewarding and hope that you'll go on to reap the material rewards too.
Swangirl Premium
Very nice description of WA!
TamaraP Premium
Great post. Wish you much success, Tamara
StubearBlack Premium
Beautifully said. Couldn't agree more!
AlexSol Premium
Great post!

And You Joined on August 17, 2015 ;)
oldokie Premium
Very well said. If you have not found your join date yet, it is at the top of your profile page. Have a wonderful and productive day.
renelynm Premium
awesome thought. have a great journey with WA community.
RonAlderman Premium
Way to Go! Great Attitude!