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Hello WA!
My name's Alex, I am 34, currently living in Montreal, Canada.

I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since October 2007 (over 12 years now) and I have never had a single regret about joining this wonderful community.
I have been scammed several times, running after "Get Rich Quick" schemes and MLMs and I was ready to give up on the idea of "online business". And this is when I discovered WA and told myself this would be the last "make money" program I would try.

Throughout the years I have had my ups and down, I have built up a successful online business and lost it due to negligence but then I built it back up, slowly but surely. Live and learn, I guess.

Until mid-2013 I have been busy with many different projects, off and online but now I am concentrating on Internet Marketing once again - this is why you can find me right here on WA a lot more often.

in 2015 I launched a weekly marketing podcast called the Extra Paycheck Podcast. On that show I interview successful online entrepreneurs who share their tips, strategies and experiences. All of my guests have inspiring stories and some are making millions of dollars from their blogs and other online businesses.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or Internet Marketing in general. Don't forget to check out my blogs (on the right side of this profile page).

Success to You!

- Alex aka canuck
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NannaGoosey Premium
Hi, Alex!

Listen to this 'strange, but true' tale...

I was finishing my level 1 Bootcamp tasks. I'd finished making the first post and was looking for 2 or 3 others' posts to comment on.

While scrolling, I saw a member who seemed like someone I might like to follow, so I went to his profile page. And there, I saw you were one of the people who'd left him a comment.

Here's the 'strange' part of the tale: would you like to take a guess at what I have up in a different tab? (I'll tell you.)

YOUR "EPP017: How to Find a Profitable Niche for Your Business - Extra Paycheck Podcast 17" on YouTube.

I've already watched it once, but I left it up so I could re-watch it as soon as I'm done here.

I just found you on YouTube a couple days ago, so I haven't had a chance to watch a lot of your videos yet - but I love the ones I've seen so far. You do a great job with them.

A BIG "grats" to you, too, for making it to Vegas!

I only have the Premium trial for 7 days. After it expires, I won't be able to make any posts. But, I'm following you here and I'll be watching you on YouTube!

All the best to you!
AlexSol Premium
Hi Sharon! Thanks so much for your comments ;) I am very behind on those youtube videos but my podcast is being released every week ;)
1lindacarter Premium
Hi Alex,
I was just reading your success story and I can really relate to your story. I too have been scammed several times, but I wasn't trying to give up but I am so hopeful that I will find the right people to connect with to help me. I'm hoping that will be you and WA.
Thank You for your experience, I hope to learn from you.
AlexSol Premium
Nice to see you here Linda ;)
Chesapeake Premium
Hi Alex, Just wanted to say a huge thank you, as it was through your website that I found WA. I read your profile comments. You've been around here for some time and sounds like you've found successful methods for making an income.
I will definitly be going through all the materials. WA seems to be highly recommended wherever I read about it.

Again Thanks Alex!
Best wishes

AlexSol Premium
Great to see you here David!
This October it'll be 9 years since I joined WA :)
Hi Alex... thank you for dropping a msg in my profile. And yes i need help with regards to Niches. It's been awhile now, this question of what am i passionate about is still unanswered. I asked myself but still i cant get the right one, the exact one, the one. They said what we are passionate about could bring us joy and if channel in the right way, will us wealth. But i cant get what's the right Niche for me, what's my passion. I am an accountant by profession, so i am thinking maybe anything related with that. But i also love self help books, inspiring and motivational books and stories and trainings and classes. So i dont know.... i also like music but i dont have talent in singing lol. Appreciate if you can advise. Thank you Alex........
AlexSol Premium
Hi ;)

I have answered some of your questions in other places around WA. Both accounting and motivation could be great niches in my opinion. The bigger suggestion would be not overthinking it and just going with one or the other. Taking action is the most important thing here and you should be doing it ASAP.

If I was you I'd probably start with accounting simply because you know a lot on the subject and it will be easier for you to produce content. But remember that you are not limited to one niche and one site, once you get the hang of things you could start a second site about motivation and so on ;)

Kelly-Anne Premium
This is more than a comment, I've looked every where as to the appropriate way to personally get hold of u.So it looks like I have to prevail to embarrass myself.Guess it helps....KellyDavies here.- Anyhow when u first asked us to say a few words about our selfs.Id no idea it would go public,ie; know.I made light of my situation,my profile says I've been a member since 2007-8???- any how mor like less than a month.situation.Im ABSOULUTLY at loss.Brief,my husband of 22yrs. Left & just. Moved out today( we're superintendents,that requires 2- ppl)- he's not to the owner who blaintly said to my face she despises me. Waynes not told her he's left yet,he's giving me till first wk. of August .sorry,probably inappropriate,I'm just not thinking right. My delima? I don't know where I've left off ,during my free trial I believe it said 10 lessons free.I could VERY WELL BE MISTAKEN!!!!--- But last I remember I left off at
Lesson two.Im no computer geek by any means.until the end of the month w/ him gone w/ all consentration being focussed on w/a,I think I can get a lot done.Ive missed every webinar,I've totally forgot how to manoeuvre myself around the courses.
Now that I've lost all dignity,I'd really like to plug away and get as much as I can done.....bc lord knows I'm going to need some sort of income.Caan u please help me?
Thanks,in advance
Kelly Davies.
AlexSol Premium
Hi Kelly. It sucks to hear about all of that.

1. If you want to contact someone privately on WA, just go to their profile and click on Private Message at the top.

2. Your profile states you've been a member since September 28, 2015.

3. And last but not least, I would highly suggest starting your training from the beginning by clicking the green Get Started Here button at the top left of your WA account. This way it will be easier to follow along ;)

Stay strong,