SOS Shiny Object Syndrome

Last Update: May 13, 2016

I just saw this in my emails so I thought that I would share it with you.

I do not know the author so I cannot give proper credit. This is something that I have done in Internet marketing and I am sure many of you have done the same.

Enjoy. Dave.

Analogy of
Shiny Object Syndrome

This relates to some of us and
our attitudes towards internet

Some of us never see any
results because we bail ship
way too soon.

Let’s say you sign up for a luxury
cruise to blah blah land.All of a
sudden the ship has issues. So
the Captain issues orders for
everyone aboard to begin
working on the ship immediately.

At first you don’t mind. But after
awhile you get tired of all this
labor you were not suppose to
be doing.Then, much to your
delight off in the distance you
see a ship and you think I’ll jump
off of this one and swim over to
that ship and get a ride so I
won’t have to work so much.

Over the side you go and start
swimming toward the shiny side
of that ship except you don’t
make it in time and they pass
you by.You look around (like
looking into your inbox) and here
comes an even bigger ship,
bigger than any you’ve ever
seen before. Off you go
swimming as hard as you can.

You pretty much make it to the
this big bright shiny ship but you
think it would be way too hard to
get on board because it’s so tall
you might not get to the top and
that would be a failure in your

So, yep, you give up on
this idea because here coming
straight toward you comes a
smaller vessel.You think I can easily
get to this boat and finally be
successful with reaching a nice
solid deck.

So off you go swimming as hard

as you’ve ever swam before…OH,

did I mention this little boat was even
shinier than those other big

Yep, you jumped off the first
boat while it was still miles
from shore. Everyone else who
stayed on board that ship will
see success because they
endured the all the hard labor
and made sure the ship they
were on made it safely to a

You see the person that jumped
off the first ship started to swim
in circles chasing one
opportunity after another. They
were chasing one shiny ship
after another. Never making it to
shore because everywhere he
swam there was some sort of
obstacle he didn’t want to deal


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AlexEvans Premium Plus
That is a very good tale, I think that we all go through that phase. It's like being at the local sushi bar and those tasty treats just keep coming around, just have to grab the next dish. Definitely, change in the air, Dave. At some stage of the journey, we change from being a buyer to becoming a seller and or a promoter. For some, it takes longer some shorter. Eventually, we all come to it. enjoyed the read.
dstaple1490 Premium
I would not have a problem because I do not like sushi! LOL! Thanks Alexander.
Cristina11 Premium
I like the analogy, Dave!
Why have you written the text so narrow?
dstaple1490 Premium
This was not my work or writing. I got it in an email in this format so I just copied it to share here at WA. Have a great weekend Cristina. Dave.
Cristina11 Premium
Ok, thank you for the reply. A wonderful weekend to you as well!
dstaple1490 Premium
JMario Premium
dstaple1490 Premium
Keith10 Premium
I'm swimming back to the original ship and I think I can make it.
Thanks Dave.
dstaple1490 Premium
You will make it Keith
JauA Premium
Hi Dave. Once again, I really enjoyed this one. Lesson again to self, stay on the original ship and get going! Yes. Yes.
And stop reading emails!!
dstaple1490 Premium
Except mine of course! LOL!