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Hi, Dickson here, just an ordinary teenager who tried to dream big and always bumped into the wall because I'm inexperienced but all this pain has





Ranking dropped from 51 to 100?

Ranking dropped from 51 to 100?

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Search Engine Optimization

I don't really know why my ranking drop from 51 to 100+.
And I track it using wincher.com

Can any pro guide me step by step and help me to check what's wrong?

my biggest drop as far as I can remember is 68 places. I almost dropped from my chair as well. LOL! But as days gone by it trickled up little by little. Now it's back to the 2nd page.

My only problem now is it's not moving from that spot for 2 weeks now. LOL! I don't know if she's gonna be in the 1st page someday or she'll stick there in here whole lifetime. Who knows. :D

By the way the opposite of this happened to me as well. Jumped 40+ places then slowly ranked down.

I assume this was anew post? If so this is normal. After initial temporary position you mat drop to infinity. It will resurface again, Nothing is wrong.

If this is not new one, this still can happen. Perhaps this is just temporary. I have such examples, some never reappeared.

LOL they might not resurface again? So does it means it drop ranking?

May I know any other site that I can check my post/website rankings? with location

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Adding few words into keyword?

Adding few words into keyword?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

I got a low competition keyword from WA Keyword Tool - What is the secret to make money online but I added sounds suspicious behind (Does it considered that I changed the keywo

I think you did not formulate the question in the best way. If you add something to keyword then you have a new keyword. Put your complete phrase in KT and you will realize it is worthless.

KT will not accept "What is the secret to make money online, sounds suspicious?"

So I assume you want to say that you keep the keyword "What is the secret to make money online", use it at the well know places as it is, and add those extra words in the title. If so then you are fine.

By the way, use 'making' instead of 'make' and you will have a perfect one.

Boomergp says it's fine? so what is the answer actually o.O?

I can only speak in my name.

You are good to go! There is no problem! Great keyword!

If your keyword has nothing in front of it, then you will get the best ranking possible. As for anything after the keyword, it will not change your rankings.

Someone says that

Put your complete phrase in KT and you will realize it is worthless.

KT will not accept "What is the secret to make money online, sounds suspicious?"

Hi Dickson. Your keyword is not affected by what comes before or after it. It can be in a sentence or on its own but just so long as you are using it in strategic places within your content.
Jays 10 step process that Lynne has linked you to below explains keyword placement very well.

Ok so firstly here are 10steps to get your content to rank: And here is how ot research your competition before choosing your keyword:

Thank Lynne, will look into it

It is a pleasure :)

Sho there is so much that goes into it. There is the keyword and how many people are competing for it, but there is also how strong are the competitions individual pages that are competing for that keyword!

Hang on a sec, I'll get something for you quickly.

I found it as a low competition keyword haha

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