Travel to Thailand - My First Stop

Last Update: January 25, 2016

Hello guys, I am finally BACK! I'm off to a trip to Thailand, It's really awesome and full of excitement because it is my first time travelling by own. I really love the massage & foods over there. Everything is so cheap.

To be honest, My brain was totally shut throughout the whole trip. And after a long charge, now I'm getting my ass back on the chair and continue building my online business.

You know I really wanted to bring my laptop over there to blog & do my online work but the location doesn't allow me to do so because I might lose my laptop -.- (btw, my laptop is quite big)
I'm looking for a tablet which is easier for me to carry around. Any recommend? (Eg, Microsoft surface pro 3... etc)

I really wished that someday, I'll have my online business running & I travel around the world with my laptop, working anywhere in the world.

Can't wait to see my website success!

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AlexEvans Premium
That will be an exciting time for sure.
DsonYP Premium
KatieMac Premium
It will come I just use my phone or amazon fire when I travel would not want to take a expensive one in case something happens to it,glad you had a good time wish you all the best
DsonYP Premium
Katie, I'm so un-patiently patient... can't wait until that day I can generate substantial passive income from online business.
SylvesterH Premium
The World is our Office!
DsonYP Premium
You know I just can't wait until that day I can travel anywhere with my online business still up.