Last Day in Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: December 31, 2015

Hi everyone :)

Today the last day in Wealthy Affiliate of 2015 LOL! And tomorrow I'll be total new coming back to Wealthy Affiliate.... kay stop my nonsense.

Here comes with an update of month December 2015, My first month in Wealthy Affiliate. Start from next year/tomorrow, I will be updating my progress, my monthly achievement & also my monthly goal regardless of online marketing, offline marketing or even my life goals.

You need to be motivated.

Achievement of December 2015

- Planned 3 ways to pursue in my financial freedom Journey
- Built my first website EVER
- Achieved my financial goal
- Ranked in Top 1000.

Goal for January 2016

- Write & Post 3 articles on my site
- Get 5 Referrals into WA
- Learned 2 new products (Offline Marketing)
- Add on 2 pages on my site with full content
- Complete lessons or task that left out in WA lesson & Bootcamp Phase 1
- Rank up to Top 600 in Wealthy Affiliate

It might be a tiny goal for you but it's a one big step for me.

I wish Everyone of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Journey To Freedom!

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justeileen Premium
LOL Good one!! best always.. :)
Pisquali Premium
Good luck with the new start.
DsonYP Premium
Thank You.
JudeP Premium
Good luck moving forward :)
DsonYP Premium
Thank you!! 2016 will be epic.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Dickson, that would be a shock and awe head line in these parts, lol. May you have a very productive year in 2016, happy new year.
DsonYP Premium
Hi Alexander, Happy New Year! Sames goes to you too :) Luckily you didn't heart stroke hahaha
JasonGB Premium
Go buddy
For a minute I thought you were quitting and gonna make me come over and slap you senseless. Lol
Looking forward to seeing your huge successes in 2016
Speak soon my friend
DsonYP Premium
AHAHA... Jason!!! SKYPE...
I might quit of I still can't make money after 2016, as my financial does not allow me to stay on premium anymore.
Thank you vso much Jason! You're the best :)
JasonGB Premium
We will get you sorted buddy. No quitting allowed x
DsonYP Premium
Please do! Let me build my website first, for just a income which can cover my expenses online. I will be able to stand still :)
Bonnie1253 Premium
Dyson, what is your website
DsonYP Premium
Hey, You can find it if you follow my google+. Here is the link :)