Having An Obsession With Words - Tip: Its "Emotional"

Last Update: November 21, 2018

How to Make Your Writing More Engaging Using The Emotional Word Wheel....

We all use words and as online professionals these are part of our tools...

Words create images, evoke emotions and cause us to think get inspired and take action.

However, HOW we use words will really impact the level and quality of our writing and ultimately the end users experience.

Word Wheel and the Words to describe "Emotion" (Pain or Pleasure)

The Emotional Word Wheel it is a powerful tool to help you expand on this ART form of "Word Smithing"

It will make your writing more compelling for it takes a word you used to describe an emotion (Pain or Pleasure) and provides you a number of other alternatives that can help to create content that is more dynamic.

For example

It was a nice "surprise" to.........

The word wheel would expand on the emotional word of "surprise" so to use.....

  • Gratitude
  • Amazement or
  • Wonderment.

So to replace the word "Surprise" with a more Dynamic Word....

It was to my "Amazement"........etc

Both words say the same thing but one word creates more "Tension" and like in music it moves you.

(Have left a Link for a EWW template at the end of this Post)

Let’s look at HOW people pay before they pay

The end game is a successful online business but what we are first wanting to create are “Micro commitments”

A Micro Commitments” is essentially when someone pays with something small and than pays with something big .........

  • First they pay with their attention
  • They than pay with a click
  • Then pay with their EMAIL Address (A way to follow up with them, and create future engagement)
  • They than pay with watching or reading your content
  • And finally pay with $$ (i.e CTA)

So to get people to pay with their Micro Commitments that strong word connection needs to be present...

Content That Moves you....

The important thing is NOT the length even though ideally it should be a Minimum of a 1000 words for a blog post, it’s truly about the VALUE.

For Example

You buy a book, and you read the 1st chapter of that book and you feel as though you have been reading this book forever .... consequently you do not follow through so to read another chapter for it makes for a very long and uninteresting experience. Other times however you pick up a book that is so interesting and so compelling that you cannot put it down.

What's the difference.......

Some reasons could be....

  • Engagement to the reader
  • Emotionally provoking Yes / No?
  • Quality content that provides Value

In one of Jay's Friday night training's he mentions, "Talking to Peoples PAIN Points based on your perspective when it comes to a story".

This is where this Tool can really help to create that added "sauce" in your writing so to get that engagement and provoke emotion.

BTW if your content is less than 1000 words for instance writing a Story Ad on Facebook, the use of Emotion Words become MORE Necessary not LESS...So

Get obsessed with learning how to create words that are compelling to the end user, ultimately this is where the nucleus of our work is.

The Technical process

You can have great.....

  • SEO
  • Images
  • CTA placement
  • Links
  • Ads etc.

But if your words do not capture your end user and create value all of your technical expertise is not going to shine.

Bounce Rate

This is a Google Metric that measures the time People spend on your Page, This is a great to know because it can really give you Feedback on how your work is being received also provide you with other valuable information such as "Does your Content keep the end user Engaged"


Writing Tips From a "WordSmith"....

  • Do your Research and get your content out with very little edits let your Mind and Fingers go. Just type and get it all out, do not think that it is going to be PREFECT this is your Rough draft
  • Go back to the content than start to dissect the less emotional words and integrate them with more powerful words from the word wheel below;

I.e. SAD=Depressed/Empty/Powerless etc. So you’re replacing one emotion word with a better emotion word.

  • Then after you write the initial content "Walk Away and Sleep On It" so than to EDIT your content over the next 2 or 3 days always with a new set of eyes and mind, chipping away at anything that is not needed. This principle is applied by many artists from other disciplines.

The More The Better...

It does not need to be perfect their is NO such thing, it is an ART form

Our skill sets in writing, language, inspiration and influence like any art will be a never ending process, a continuously improving, perfecting and refining journey of WORDS....so enjoy!

The Word to Page-Edit to Publish Process will be a lot more efficient as you continue to write but this is a great approach over all....... Just keep at it!!

The Takeaway here is place effort so to capture your readers attention using more emotion evoking words and using the Word Wheel as a viable tool for your content.

I was first introduced to a Word Smith a few years back when I was getting my CV done for the job market in Canada for was in Asia for the last number of years and had lost my network back in my home country.

The response to my CV that was done by this professional Word Smith from potential Employers was always Very Positive, and was always said to "stand out" also this was on a Skill based content document not a Blog post or a Social Media Story AD

Also, it takes me about 3 days to create Word to Page & Edit to Publish....would like to make that more efficient...HUMPH.....but I ALWAYS Walk away and Sleep on it......

Let me know your thoughts leave me any questions and as always

To all my friends at WA

Thanks for the moment

Google Link to an Emotion Word Wheel


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