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Last Update: November 14, 2015

Two of the greatest features at Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion are Site Comments and Site Feedback.

You can find them here:

Please use these features instead of asking for comments and feedback for your site in a question or blog post. Using these features not only helps your site health, but it also helps the members of the community!

Asking for site comments and feedback in other forms could irk some, and seems a little selfish to be honest.

I have gotten some great feedback and comments using these features, and to those who have sent feedback or comments to my site, thank you.

To all who use these features, on behalf of the community, Thank you.

Thank you for your continued support, and thank you for taking the time to read this!

Have a great day, and let's all continue to succeed together!

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Yenomym Premium
Good advice.
krazykat Premium
Indeed, it is a win, win :-)
mijareze Premium
You are right! When you use the system others benefit by receiving comments/feedback on their sites.
lozza1234 Premium
yes these sites are excellent and i am always posting there great place
Funkydunc208 Premium
I agree wholeheartedly. The Site Comments and Site Feedback are both wonderful features. Let's make the best use of them.