A Level of Irony.

Last Update: November 21, 2015

I'm curious as to how many Wealthy Affiliate members are using the training and/or their websites to promote MLM companies.

I'm sure some you you are. I'm sure some of you have come across a page doing site comments or feedback that promote MLM companies.

That being said, how do you feel about MLM?

How do you feel about people promoting MLM?

How do you feel when people use your teachings to do exactly what you don't want them, or anyone, to do?

If you're unsure why this may be ironic, have a quick look at one of Wealthy Affiliate's co-founder's (Kyle) page: http://waystoavoidscamsonline.com/

Moral of the story, you can teach or train people well, and they will do what they want to regardless.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I would appreciate any feedback!

Remember, every day above the dirt is a good day!

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gpeeples Premium
I use to be involved with MLM when I first started with online marketing back in the late 90's. It never panned out because of the monthly charges and I wasn't making any money with any of them. Maybe I didn't stick around long enough. I am thankful for WA not being a MLM company, but a teaching instrument of how to stay away from companies like that. See u at the top. Greg P.
DoubleA Premium
Thank you!
BigKev Premium
I must admit I'll be using my site to promote a couple of MLM businesses that I have. Along with some other online marketing.

Personally, I'm a huge huge fan of the industry. It changed my life (which may make me biased). I openly admit as well, that it only did so when I did the opposite of what everybody had taught me do.

Where I will say Kyle is 110% right is in the hustle aspect. You were traditionally taught to go after warm market, be your product... all that crap that doesn't work unless you have a pre-exisitng network that trusts you and is in a position to buy.

I did that for months and achieved a little, but not a lot. It was only when I took it online (against the advice of all my uplines) that I was reasonably successful. I built my business from that point on almost entirely on the back of solo ads, Skype and webinars.

Luckily, the way it's taught is changing, people generally teach the way they were recruited in my experience so the training they get is vital. It's what they are comfortable with, so as more and more come in via online they do the same to find their prospects.

One company I have been involved with had a condition that you couldn't recruit until you'd made £x sales and done recruiting training. That was a brilliant policy as it stops inexperienced recruiters teaching bad habits.

My apologies if I've rambled... it's a topic close to my heart. Which may suggest I should get out more admittedly...
DoubleA Premium
Thank you for the feedback!
Hello I'm patrick. I'm curious as to your outside of the norm tactics for your mlm. At the moment, this type of work is just what I'm doing as my career. I am all over the place with having a lot of affiliate work with many companies. My goal is to choose 3 to 5 and form my own business of placement and teaching. Thank you
BigKev Premium
Hi Patrick :)

I was talking about back in 2010 when I took my business online that it was a very new tactic - back then no one was doing it, or at least not teaching it in network marketing, whereas now it is becoming the 'norm' to build online to be honest.

In fact when I did it, every single person in my upline phoned me to say it wouldn't work!

The system I started to use then still works now though, for me and for the people I've taught it to. It basically goes along the lines of:

1. Create your landing page(s).
2. Find a selection of trusted solo-ad vendors and use one each week to send an invite to their list, inviting them to register at your landing page for a business opportunity webinar.
3. Hold the webinar, make it no longer than about 45-55 minutes long and have a selection of people talking - from new starters doing well to the very top of the business. If possible, get the CEO or one of the very very top leaders on to tell their story.
4. Have a good follow up system in place, preferably one that recognises if someone visited or not and sends the pre-defined email that is appropriate. If they didn't come along get a recording out to them that very night, if they did remind them of the key points and include a link for them to get started.
5. Follow up individually with one personal email or text, inviting them to a Skype call (as it was then) or a one on one Google hangout, which seems to be peoples platform of choice now. While there answer any questions and introduce them to someone in your upline to edify the business.

Those have basically been my tactics for over five years now, they work for me and they work for the people in my team who don't try and reinvent the wheel. I hope that is what you meant when you asked about the tactics.

In addition to this some people use attraction marketing on social media, sharing the conferences etc. and some people have great success doing that. But I always just stuck to the above really.

Feel free to drop me a direct message if you'd like more specific details on each point, or a more complete overview of what I meant.

BillandSue Premium
My wife and I both have separate "membership in separate MLM companies. The only ones who really make it are the ones on top. We happen to like the products in each company so we stay in for the discount and really nothing else.
Thanks for sharing.
Bill & Sue
DoubleA Premium
Right on! Some do have worthwhile products, and discounts are always good!
fyre Premium
I quit "working" at MLM's long ago. With that said, I totally agree with Kyle on almost all points (I don't have time to read the post again so I say 'almost' instead of all.)

I also am still a business associate with one and have been since 1998. Why? Because I stand behind the product. I just can't stand bhind the jacked up prices.

So, I plan on doing my MLM review and leaving my associate link there as there are not many reviews of our WA caliber on this particular brand. If I make some passive income from it, fine. If not, fine too, but, I know for a fact that I will not work to support someone else's dream any longer.

If all goes gloriously...I'm buying that whole operation and making it affordable for all as well as donating as much as humanly possible!

: )
DoubleA Premium
I agree some do have worthwhile products, and I love your goal!
ibmountain Premium
That is how I feel as a parent. All the "training" and the kids will do what they want to!
DoubleA Premium
I know exactly what you mean even though my kids are 3 & 5 and I shouldn't expect perfect behavior lol!