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December 29, 2015
Unless you want to be seen!Stumbled across this looking up info on different fruits and such on google.. easier to explain if I just show it to you:So hopefully after resizing a few times you can still at least get the gist of it!SEO is definitely important if you want to be seen online!Every other fruit you search comes up with pictures of and info for the fruit or the color orange, but Apple, its just Apple... not much for the first page or two on google in the way of actual apples, just the
"How do I get started" or "Where do I get started" seems to be a very common question for new members.Wealthy Affiliate has made this pretty easy to be honest, just click the big button that says "Get Started Here" or: if you are only interested in the affiliate program offered to start with start here: can access the affiliate program information here:
November 21, 2015
I'm curious as to how many Wealthy Affiliate members are using the training and/or their websites to promote MLM companies.I'm sure some you you are. I'm sure some of you have come across a page doing site comments or feedback that promote MLM companies.That being said, how do you feel about MLM?How do you feel about people promoting MLM?How do you feel when people use your teachings to do exactly what you don't want them, or anyone, to do?If you're unsure why this may be ironic, have a quick
November 18, 2015
So I've mostly used the keyword tool here within WA before. I've started to play around with the research tool, and I have pretty much fallen in love with it!Using the keywords I chose from my jaaxy searches on one of my articles I got to position 6 on page 1 in google with my keyword in quotes, and page 2 in position 6 without the quotes! Definitely going to be using Jaaxy more now!Thank you for taking the time to read this!Remember when you're feeling down,"According to the theory o
I've seen several posts about how it's a good idea to follow the top ranking members of Wealthy Affiliate.Most say to go to the top 200 board and follow each one. This can be quite time-consuming, as you have to open each profile to follow them.I have asked if there was an easier way, rather than going to each members profile to follow them, with no good answers.So, here is the page I found to list them all in an easy to follow place. It actually lists 442,000+ members! I'm sure some of you hav
November 14, 2015
Two of the greatest features at Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion are Site Comments and Site Feedback.You can find them here: use these features instead of asking for comments and feedback for your site in a question or blog post. Using these features not only helps your site health, but it also helps the members of the community!Asking for site comments and feedback in other forms could irk som
November 11, 2015
Just noticed that I have gone below the 500 rank mark! (although on my profile page it says 432!)Just wanted to say thank you all here at Wealthy Affiliate!The community is amazing and I am just so glad to be a part of it!!I have gotten more help from this community than I could have even hoped for, and it makes me very happy when I am able to help others!Again, Thank you!
November 10, 2015
There is no such thing in my book! Especially here at Wealthy Affiliate, WA is a training resource and we are all here to learn! If you need an answer, ask the question! Don't worry if it seems like a foolish question, the only foolishness is not asking for help when needed. Also, if you do ask a question and you get your answer, please like their response and thank them for taking time out of their day to help!If you needed help on a topic, there is a good possibility someone else is having th
November 08, 2015
Thank you for answering my question that I posted because I had trouble with something!Since you answered my question and I received the help I was asking for, I'm going to click the like button, shown here:If you appreciate someone's help that they offered, please click the like button!I love the community here at Wealthy Affiliate and that anyone can ask for help and anyone can offer their help!Thank you for reading this, have a fantastic day!
October 27, 2015
So I have been premium here with Wealthy Affiliate for about a month and a half so far, and I love it! I am continuously learning and growing my business! I love the site comments/feedback section here with Wealthy Affiliate and the training helps a lot! I hope that this blog will help to inspire others to push forward and keep growing and learning! I am getting new traffic and even making some commissions from my website! On bing the other day I saw that i actually appeard on the first page (e