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Last Update: February 15, 2014

I may have to leave WA for a few months(no more than 6) but I still want to be able to get into WordPress and have access to my site.( I own the domain name). It is a little embarrassing that I don't know the answer to this question but what do I do? If I leave will I lose all my efforts or do I just have to find new hosting?

I really like it here and will be back but if my "real job" goes in the direction it looks it is going to take I will have little if any time to be on WA and could use the 50 a month on other things.

I hate to leave for 6months but $300 is a lot to spend for a membership you cannot use. Thank you in advance for any help my WA family can give

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autumn56 Premium
If you own your own domain you will have thirty days to transfer your site to your own hosting once your membership ends =) I am not 100% sure on how to do all that but I am sure someone around here does. But you will need to move it and if you come back to premium you can always move it all back if that is what you want to do.
Hello, if you have your domain, get off all your files from your site or information that you have worked. And you'll use only your host. My host has the tools to make a website, all you lose the affiliation with WA, but not your data. You must consider a new product or keep writing and working it. I have other products in my page, and WA, in case something similar happens to me. I wish you luck and success even outside here. Return is possible, in those 6 months you will learn something and then you can share with us.
mwd21 Premium
WA will cancel your hosting, the only thing I can suggest is change hosting to someone like hostgator who charge about $10 pm.
Trialynn Premium
WA offers two free websites to non members. That is one of the methods that is used to recruit new members. You will not lose your website. I do not know the inner workings of going from premium to non paying member.
Internetgranny Premium
WA only offers to host two free .siterubix websites to free members, not websites with a domain that has been bought. He will need to transfer to something like hostgator.
M W Mihalicz Premium
Sorry to hear that. I think you could just export your stuff and find new hosting to load it into. Not sure of what the ins and outs would be for the WordPress theme you are using but someone else may be able to answer that.