49ers Lose Super Bowl (Unfortunately)

Last Update: February 02, 2020

I'm sure glad I didn't make too bold of a prediction of a win. I'm also glad I couldn't find anybody to bet with, so I didn't lose any money.

It's too bad the game isn't played for just 3 quarters instead of 4.

KC was hungry for a win after 50 years, so it was almost a foregone conclusion they would win. Good for them and all of you that were rooting for them!

The same old losers lament "Wait 'til next year".

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j52powell Premium
I'm from KC and watched Superbowls 1 & 4 and was more than ready for this victory after 50 years as I watched it here in the Philippines.
kweather9122 Premium
Well, I saw the first Super Bowl, and I was rooting for Kansas City, since I am from Oklahoma. I think it was their time to shine. Might be another 50 years until the next one.

Wish I could have found that bet. lol
Mick18 Premium
49ers are a great team and have won the super bowl quite a few times. I'm sure they will be back. It truly was a great game. It was time for Kansas City Chiefs to win.
Ahimbe Premium
Kansas City Chiefs with their strong offense showed they were the hungrier team to win.
Hard luck next time.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
It was still a darned good game, Don!