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Most of us have at least a personal email address at Gmail and a website email address hosted at SiteEmail inside Wealthy Affiliate.

In WA, we can create either a new mailbox or an email forward. However, if you create a new mailbox, the only option for you is to use WebMail as your mailbox.

So, it's pretty troublesome to switch between Gmail and WebMail just to manage your personal Emails and business Emails.

Even if you've set up an Email forward to your personal Email, you cannot reply to people's Email using your business email in Gmail.

That sucks, right?

No worries, this video I recorded will show you how to manage both your personal and business email all inside Gmail. You can also compose and send new emails using your website email address.

However, there are a few points you should take note. I explained in the video as well. Just want to put it down here to remind you again.

  1. Make sure the Email you are adding to Gmail is not a forward. You need to create a New MAILBOX in WA.
  2. Know the difference between SMTP Incoming mail and outgoing mail setting. I've explained in the video when to use which.
  3. Make sure you change the SMTP server from "" to "" at the second last step.

I hope you enjoy my training and successfully add in the email account into your Gmail.

If you encounter any issues, please leave a comment and I'll try my best to help you!

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kopi Premium
Many thanks for your training, It's very useful for me
JerryHuang Premium Plus
Thank you Kopi for checking this out. I'm glad it helps:)
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Thanks for sharing this very useful information, Jerry!
JerryHuang Premium Plus
You're welcome! Thanks for checking out!
Steve1958 Premium
Thanks for this Jerry...
This will come in handy! :)
JerryHuang Premium Plus
Definitely! Thanks for checking out:)
SadieChan Premium
Thanks Jerry. Bookmark this.
JerryHuang Premium Plus
Thank you:)
jtaienao Premium
Great training Jerry. Thanks for sharing this.
JerryHuang Premium Plus
Thanks for checking out Jerome:)