Time to Work Harder - My Husband and I are Divorcing

Last Update: September 08, 2017

If you read my bio, you will see that I partially started this whole online marketing adventure so that I could make an income for my family and my husband would not have to work so hard and so much. That was 3 years ago and a lot has changed.

Fast forward to today and what I never imagined happening, is. My husband and I are getting a divorce, we have mutually agreed that we just aren't fit for each other anymore (we have been together for 17 years). This life changing event is totally new to me, as my husband and I are high-school sweethearts.

I am so beyond happy that I started my online business 3 years ago, because now I actually have a small income to fall back on and I don't have to give up my dream of working from home and homeschooling my kids.

I do have to knuckle down and work much harder now, to continue to make sure I have enough to support myself and my kids, but I can breathe a little easier knowing I have an income already generated and it can only get bigger!

Have any of you been divorced? How did you manage to get through it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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dsanchez9 Premium
Very sorry to hear. I just took some time to read over your posts and I found it very encouraging. It seems you have made it a long way.
Just keep going at it and you'll make it far. I am just starting here and trying to learn as much as I can and it is always good to find someone that is working hard and having results, and like you said, it's only going to get bigger. Best of wishes to you going forward!
Elijah1916 Premium
Very sorry to hear that. Yes I am divorced, but we each decide to live in separate countries, he in USA, while I am here in UK. Well divorce is not that palatable, but with THE GRACE OF GOD, and life devoid of bitterness, there should be no problem in adjusting fast. Make sure you get your priority right, or set out right what is important to you. Remember for the truth to set you free, you have to know the lie that is holding you bondage. Get close to God, there's much more to experience, explore and enjoy. All the best to you.
JohnStevens Premium
Hi Andrea,

I was married for 20 years, I caught my wife having an affair with the next door neighbour, that didn't work out as the neighbour stayed with his wife and they moved away.
My wife was apologetic to me but not long after she did the same again with someone else for it. She left home on her own, without our 3 young boys, telling me she wants her happiness and the kids can stay with me.
It was a difficult time, effecting my kids mentally. I was trying to get to work and also get the kids to school and they didn't want to go.
Anyway it did take a lot of time, but we get through it and things do get much easier.

dj-drea Premium
Wow, John, that must have been really tough on you. My husband was betraying my trust online with girls. There was no affair, but the trust was broken just the same. Luckily for me, he feels terrible and still wants to be a good dad for his kids.
Loes Premium
Sorry to read that something once so beautiful, didn't work out the way you expected years ago, Andrea.
I have been there twice, and it's always been a sad period, to admit that it's over and gone.

To be honest, I refused to become pathetic and helpless, I put my shoulders underneath, scheduled the housework between my kids and me, explaining them I had to make things going. I worked 100 hrs a week to get where I wanted to go.

I am very glad for you, you already have an online income, and are able to expand that. Go for it with all your power. Transform your emotions of sadness, into the will to succeed!

(I worked overtime in cleaning houses and offices back then.)

I remember you are in this online business with your sister. She can be a major support to you!
dj-drea Premium
Thanks Loes :) I do need to buckle down and work. I find it hard these days, I just feel so sad, but I know I need to stay strong.
Loes Premium
I know at what stage you are right now, big hug
Swangirl Premium
Good for you for having your business up and running so well! I remember looking at your site when I first started here and thinking it looked like you really were on the ball!

I hope you continue to find your way forward successfully!
dj-drea Premium
Thanks so much :)