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Anyone else in the natural health niche noticing their traffic continuously dropping? I was hit with an update last august that cut my traffic in half and have been working diligently to bring it back up over the last year. I got it up a bit, but not back to where I was before and now my traffic is dropping again! I am so angry at the level of censorship that is coming to this day and age. It is not right. Here is an article about google censoring natural health and organic living. https://www.
October 02, 2018
I am not sure what happened, or why, but over the last couple months my traffic has been steadily dropping, and therefore, so have my earnings. I have no idea why...I have been doing the same thing I have always been doing, writing articles and making product recommendations. I used to have almost 3000 visitors a day, now I have gone down to 1500.It is terrifying!! I rely on my affiliate income to support myself and my kids. I cannot have this continue. I have hired someone on Upwork to help ge
If you read my bio, you will see that I partially started this whole online marketing adventure so that I could make an income for my family and my husband would not have to work so hard and so much. That was 3 years ago and a lot has changed.Fast forward to today and what I never imagined happening, is. My husband and I are getting a divorce, we have mutually agreed that we just aren't fit for each other anymore (we have been together for 17 years). This life changing event is totally new to m
I wrote a list of the tasks that I do as an affiliate marketer trying to earn a full time income. It is hard to fit this huge list of tasks into a week. I am in serious need of better time organization/scheduling and I need to outsource some of these tasks! Any advice for me on how to manage all this?Website maintenanceUpdating, adding and managing pluginsChanging elementsWidgetsMenus, etcLooking at google analyticsChecking and answering emailSending emails for networking and/or supportFindin
I just noticed something on google analytics and I am not sure what it means or what is going on. I have had a massive drop in clicks over the last 3 weeks. Check out these screenshots:What is going on! I looked to see if this was right after installing SSL and it was. You can see a close up of some dates and numbers:Can someone please help explain what is going on?
Over the last couple of years I have realized just how much work needs to go into making a successful online business. You don't just write blog posts and have money roll in. These are the other things you will find yourself doing as you grow:- Learn to navigate social media. It takes time to build an audience there, find stuff to post, comment on other posts, share, and stay active. - Learn to use different affiliate platforms because they are all different. - Learn to use an autoresponder/ne
I was so excited a few months ago, because sales were going up, and traffic was going up, we were on a steady curve. But for the last couple of months, things have not really changed, in fact sales are down. I figured sales would go down from December, but they seem to just keep dropping, with March having less sales than February. Traffic has seemed to hit a ceiling, staying at just under 3000 a day. It will not go over 3000! It is frustrating!We have been writing consistently, targeting easy
January 25, 2017
I installed the CoSchedule plugin after I heard Jay mention it in one of the Webinars. I loved the fact that it worked to schedule your social media posts right within wordpress, no need to have to go to another site to schedule your social media messages. After a few days of having it installed, my plugins all got shut off. I contacted support and they said that a plugin was causing a server overload so they shut all of my plugins off. This is pretty disastrous to my website, as I use the plug
January 10, 2017
Last month my amazon sales were way up and I figured it was because of the holidays. We went from making about 20 sales a day to making 50 sales a day. I figured that once January hit, our sales would go back to 20 a day, but they haven't! We are still getting 50 - 70 sales a day! I am pumped!!I think it is because we have really buckled down and got a ton of content out over the last couple of months. Instead of spreading ourselves out over 2 sites like we have been doing, we focused our effor
I love, love, love this month! I am having my best sales month by far!Yesterday I had 91 items ordered! I have made almost $1000 and it is only the 11th :) I usually make this amount in one whole month. I can't wait to see what what my earnings will be at at the end of December.I know that things will slow way down next month, so I am trying to stay aware of that. *update. I made a total of $2584.61 in December! :D