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Hello friends,
I’m a Florida native who grew up in the caribbean and at the age of 19 returned to live in the land which rejoyced at my birth.
After getting married and adding three beautiful little bundles of joy to the family, I became involved in Sports Nutrition and Fitness Coaching, with grand dreams of becoming a wealthy entrepreneur, but, life threw a curve ball at me: I lost my sight in a near fatal motorcycle accident. Fortunately, the experience brought me closer to God, and I was strengthened by his Spirit in a way I never knew before.
These radical changes prompted me to live and think in such a different way, I refer to these later years as my second life. I have learned a lot through blindness, of which, overcoming challenges continues to be my best work in progress.
I thank God for leading me to WA, as a place where I can grow and prosper, while helping others do the same. I'm one of those who grabbed the $299 USD per year Black Friday special in 2016 and I love the fact this is my subscription rate for life, because I’m making this my home. (LOL)

I’m also happy to be part of this community and look forward to building awesome relationships, among other things.
Finally, I wish all of you my fellow WA members, much success in your endeavors, as well as, spiritual richness beyond your wildest dreams.

God bless,
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Lazyblogger Premium
Thank you for the follow Edwin, life is good and we are in the right place building a life for our family and helping others along the way. Wish you great success here at Wealthy Affiliate.
EOPolini Premium
Thank you brother!
BillandSue Premium
Sue and I thank you for your following. We admire your courage and wish all the greatest success in the world..

Bill and Sue
EOPolini Premium
Thank you guys!
BryanAnthony Premium
Hello, EOPolini! I'm also visually impaired and new to the WA community. I wanted to connect with you and see how you're doing with your training. Do you find that the training platform is accommodating for the visually impaired? How's navigation?
EOPolini Premium
Hey Bryan, gladyou're also tackling this thing. I apologize it took me long to reply; I've had a rocky 2017 start not related to WA. The platform is not the most accessible, but, I trust we can learn to manage. How are you doing?