You want to start your own online business... but don't know where to start.

Last Update: January 24, 2014

This is my first attempt at a Street Article...... fingers crossed lol :-) all feed back and suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance.

"You want to build your own online business..."

The Questions?

Where do you go?

    · You have the desire and want to succeed… but you need help, and don’t know where to start.

    · You want a Free Starter membership, where you can learn how to build your online business.

    · You want to earn while you learn.

    · You don’t have any knowledge, experience, or computer know how…

The Answer:

Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate is what you need to make the circle complete. With its training, tools and support, affiliate program and a great community you have nothing to lose and everything to gain …. With a FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP, absolutely no credit card required. You can EARN AS YOU LEARN.

To build something that is going to succeed and last, you have to build it. If you are not focused and don't follow the path, take action you most likely will not succeed.

BUT if you take the time and put in the effort than anything and everything is possible. Think of it as building a regular brick and mortar business... you have to build the business from the ground up, make sure the foundation is solid, and build up from there. There are a lot of steps, if you rush through, skip steps, more than likely it is going to fall apart, collapse into a pile of brinks.

The difference between those who WANT IT, and those that want it GIVEN TO THEM:

It is a fast and crazy world, technology, the internet, everything is fast paced. People want things NOW, they want it fast, and many don’t want to put in the time and effort to get it. That is where those who WANT it are separated from those who DON”T, they aren’t ready to succeed. Those who want a get rich solution; want to rake in the money without having to do anything; want others to do it for them; they are not going to take the time to BUILD their business. They will go flutter off chasing something else like they always have, chasing and chasing. They don’t settle down and take an opportunity to build something solid and lasting; they want it now not later.


That is probably the number one reason why so many don’t make it, they don’t want to put in the time and effort; they quit and go off to find the next fastest thing; they don’t make a commitment to make their dreams, desires, or whatever it is they are looking for, come true. Even if they HAVE IT ALL, all the training, support & tools, and a community behind them… if they don’t have the desire to make it happen, put in the time and effort.. They will quit short of success and be jumping from one thing to another forever.

. There are a ton of excuses when people fail, the number one reason is that people don’t settled down and make things work, they quit, they blame everybody else, they don’t learn, or they don’t put into action what they have learned.

For those that WANT IT, they are going to make a commitment; they will do whatever it takes to make it happen. They will put in the time and effort to learn how to build an online business, step by step they will soak up the knowledge, understand how to do it, and put what they learned into practice.

There’s a difference between wanting something / doing everything you can to get it. MAKE IT HAPPEN.


This isn’t for everyone, it takes time… there is no get rich quick tactic, or short-cuts. If you do make some money here and there with other programs, it is temporary because it is not built, it’s just standing on a weak and unfinished foundation and it won’t last. If you want to make money fast, don’t want to have to wait, don’t feel like working for it, don’t want to put in the time and effort then this is not for you. You won’t succeed until your change your mindset, and do things differently.

Wealthy affiliate

IT IS NOT: A get rich quick scheme, or an online job.

IT IS:A learning center, a safe place to learn how to build an online business. They give you training, support, tools and services … and a whole lot more. They give you everything you need to succeed; you bring the determination, commitment, and put in the time and effort.

You make the time and make some sacrifices for things that you want, this is no different. Many members have full time jobs, go to school, have families and other commitments ~ but they make the time, put in the effort and many have made a good income, some even replacing their income from their regular job, some earning enough to make this their full time job.

How much will I make, how soon will I start making money? , and other such questions don’t have an answer… the answer is all about you, what you are going to do to make it happen.

HOW DO I ?When you first start you have a lot of questions, you can feel overwhelmed and confused… When you ask for help, LISTEN and ACT… you have to keep soaking up knowledge, and you have to act on it, just asking a question over and over and over and not doing anything about it is a waste of time for everyone, spinning your wheels will get you nowhere. When I ask a question I want to know; I listen carefully, even take notes, jot down information to look up and research later. There is nothing wrong with asking questions, ask a lot, but the difference is learning, and growing is TAKING ACTION.

The community at wealthy affiliate is amazing, they go out of their way to help, support and encourage each other. There are several ways to ask for help, and no question is dumb, we are all learning. Many of us have the same questions, have struggled with the same things you are, and we have got unstuck and move ahead because of the help we received from others.

You never have to feel stuck again; this is not one of those programs where when you have a question, or a problem there is NOONE around… not only do you have support from the community you have a rare and unique ability to talk to and get help and support from the co-owners.

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