Being a Senior Citizen I Not For the Faint of Heart

Last Update: July 15, 2016

I heard the above statement from my late father and I thought, "Oh come on Dad." Now that I am a senior citizen I am beginning to realize what he meant.

Recently I have been trying to customize my website and trying to perform various tasks which I have done before and I can't remember how to perform now. SENIOR MOMENT.!! As one might expect frustration ensued.

I then remembered my belief that humor is the great healer. When you can laugh, especially at yourself, you feel better. Then I remembered a funny email about senior citizens that my friend sent me yesterday, and had to laugh again.

Attitude is the most important attribute in enjoying life and laughing does a great job in creating a positive attitude.

So did you hear about the travelling salesman...

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Dreamer56 Premium
I had a customer I did a lot of work for over the years. He expressed the same feelings only with a bit more color! I am understanding what he meant now.
Gmyogi Premium
Yes...I married
GlenPalo Premium
Another take on what your father said is, "Getting old is not for wimps." :)
JudeP Premium
Lol :)
upsgirl Premium
You're a hoot! Gotta love ya!!!
DickH Premium
I was having a bad day so I had to do something to make me laugh