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November 21, 2018
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the holiday in the US where we take time to give thanks for the blessings we have received through out the year. For me this is going to be a special Thanksgiving to be thankful for my blessings which occurred in a very difficult year. In February I became sick again, and needed a specialized treatment to regain my health. I received that treatment on July 30th, and then had to wait 100 days to see if it worked. I have completed my 100 days and it worked. I am
December 21, 2017
A year ago I was just out of the hospital with a diagnosis of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Before I left the hospital I had bone marrow biopsy to determine which variety I had. At that time I didn't know if I was going to live or not. In a doctor's appointment about a week later the doctor started with, "Death is off the Table." I have gone through chemo am now in remission, and doing well. For the Christmas I am very thankful that I am still above ground and able to celebrate the holiday w
Last year I wrote a blog entitled There is No Such Thing as Luck. In that blog I said that good results come from hard work. This is certainly true with Wealthy Affiliate.Today I have a slightly different take. Last October I became sicker than at any time in my life. It felt like a 1000 pound weight was on top of me and I had no appetite In fact the smell of food cooking made me nauseous. I went to my doctor and he said I had a sinus infection and gave me some antibiotics. It didn'
"When the Going gets Tough the Tough get Going"If you look at my profile page you will see that I am a fan of the Green Bay Packer NFL team. I lived in Central Wisconsin during the Lombardi era. Many Lombard-isms came out during that time and are still talked about today.The one I list in the title is quite appropriate to being successful in Wealthy Affiliate. To be successful and can take a year or more to have your business functioning completely. Below is part of a post I wrote for my web
When I respond to a comment from a new member I never wish them "good luck". I don't believe in luck.Oh I suppose that if you win the lottery you can consider yourself lucky due to the odds of winning. But too many lottery winners have had their lives ruined by winning the lottery. I don't consider that being lucky.No I believe in success. If you are successful you aren't fortunate or lucky. You have worked hard, persevered, and had dedication. If I have a website that has a large number of con
July 15, 2016
The blog I just published proves that Senior Moments exist. It should be Being a senior citizen is not for the faint of heart. All I can say I'm old but at least human.
I heard the above statement from my late father and I thought, "Oh come on Dad." Now that I am a senior citizen I am beginning to realize what he meant. Recently I have been trying to customize my website and trying to perform various tasks which I have done before and I can't remember how to perform now. SENIOR MOMENT.!! As one might expect frustration ensued. I then remembered my belief that humor is the great healer. When you can laugh, especially at yourself, you feel better. Then I
June 15, 2016
The best boss I ever had was a guy from New York City. He had the idea that we should have fun in our jobs. We had periodic meetings and these were also was fun. He made the daily work fun also. I strongly believe through the creation of our online businesses we need to have fun to get the business up and running. Throughout you day look for ways to create fun for yourself and maybe others in the community. Pick a niche you love. Research it, write about it, and enjoy what you'r doing.
May 27, 2016
In the US it is the Memorial Day weekend where we honor are military who have past away. It is a three day week end and the unofficial start of summer. Where I live the kids are out of school and I have worked hard, and the little green car, my wife and I are going to hit the road of some touring. We will visit Civil War sites, hit some twisty roads, and just have fun. My wife and I will think of our late fathers who were both WWII veterans. It will be a great weekend to put the top down,
April 28, 2016
Yesterday I read a post where a new member asked which approach they should take. Start with the certification course and choose their own niche or to follow the Affiliate Bootcamp. This post struct home with me. When I started I went with the certification course and I believe in the niche lesson the advice was to choose a niche you care about or choose the bootcamp. I choose a niche and as I progressed through it I realized that there were severe issues with it. After some serious think