Still Not Indexed In Google

Last Update: April 15, 2018

It's frustrating not getting indexed. I follow the steps outlined by Jay in his webinar. In the past two months, only 2 out of 10 posts that were published from Site Content show that indexing has happened.

Is just the way it goes?

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bryanb007 Premium
Don't despair Dianne. New sites take awhile. I have got posts 3 months and older not ranked yet but my newer posts are ranking in hours.

Just keep your head down, do the keyword research, follow the training and as your site matures you will get ranked more and more. It's all about your site's trust and your experience. The more you write, the better it gets.

Hang in there. Keep on asking for help when you get stuck. "Go at your own pace and don't skip steps in the training".

All the best

Defiant6 Premium
Just keep plugging away and keep making content. Trust me, the more content you put out, the more Google will take notice and start indexing your content more quickly. I've found that out the last couple of months.
accad Premium
Two months is too long for a post to be indexed. Try to edit your title, your permalink, and your meta description.
I have some posts that I did that and were indexed.
Also it is my experience in the publication of hymns, they are short posts and they are not easy to be indexed.
So in the meta description I tried to include the author, the meters, the scripture background and are indexed.
I hope this help.
Steven-A Premium
Try searching for our articles on Google by doing a search with the title and see if they are there.
MSnargrass Premium
Let it motivate you to try harder and research your keywords using the 100/100 rule and don’t get so caught up in being indexed. Make sure to write quality content, share on social media and it will happen!
Just keep pushing, the more you publish the more chances you have to get indexed.
All the best,
Alan Hocking Premium
Hi Dianne

Site Content isn't always accurate the best way to see exactly what's been indexed is via your Google Search Console account or by putting site:yourdomain into Google search

Everything that is indexed will show up
DianneBee Premium
Thank you! I see 8 posts indexed (out of 50+) and pages of links in pinterest pins that have been shared.