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February 27, 2019
My Contact form is being abused! Is there a way to prevent spam?
October 04, 2018 has gone premium and is participating now!
Wow. I have been off line for two months. And now as I'm updating my blogs, I go to Webmaster tools and none of my sites show verified ownership. Google Analytics tracking codes are all placed in the correct All-In-1-SEO fields but google can't see them. Has anyone else been through this?
May 04, 2018
I haven't figured out one aspect of the Site Content Editor. A few times when I wrote a post I included "related material" and just put in the url of a related post.When I published, the title showed with the featured image. But the past few times I've done that, only the url showed up when I published. What am I missing?
It's frustrating not getting indexed. I follow the steps outlined by Jay in his webinar. In the past two months, only 2 out of 10 posts that were published from Site Content show that indexing has happened. Is just the way it goes?
Kyle wrote about this recently. Yet, I left it a few days. Just now I went to selected all, and Export. I have a lot of lists, not well organized, but this was quick.I made a new folder, extracted the import and saved all the lists to the new folder, named so that I would not forget where those words were from.I have often gone back to old lists and re-checked the KW's. Some are quite useful, or variations are. Don't forget! Time passes quickly when
I thought I would try and write something useful as my one a week - er I know it's supposed to be twice a week per SWAG, writing a blog here at WA - but oh my gosh the week is ending right now! Yesterday I sat a lot. But I got a couple of hours in editing blog posts in the morning. Then had a variety of activity before I got to resume at the keyboard. Later, I consulted my pedometer and realized that I had a couple of thousand steps to go because Sitting Is The New Stroke, right?Anyone else tir
February 09, 2018
I've been somewhat deluged with google alerts for a niche this week. I certainly won't have time to read all the articles that came my way.I created a doc to save the links. And now I'm saving the titles and intro of each article. This will save me time. Because every title and intro gives me a pertinent topic and keywords. Of course I will research those to change/update/improve upon and shape a new post.Honestly, I've got content for months! This is covered in the Content part of the training
February 02, 2018
I have just spent 2 hours writing a blog post. First, it was written in a doc and copy/pasted into the WP editor. I have been doing this for years. Today, every time I save the post, the fonts change in a few paragraphs here and there. Over and over, even though I go back and copy paste those sections.I updated the WP version. Restarted the computer. Trashed the post and started again. For a few minutes all went well. Then on the third Save it happened again. Anyone else ever see this behaviour
Honestly,what IS the best job for introverts? Is that why I’m trying to make money writing at home?What prompted this post is the death of a friend, just before the 2017 Christmas. More on that a little lower down.I never thought I was an introvert. I grew up studying to perform, and did for many years.Normally introverts are considered the behind the scenes people. The designers, the writers, the editors (text, film and sound).The extroverts want to get out there and get attention, righ