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I started getting error messages from google, a few days ago. The number is increasing. An example is my Three more like that show. Where does that even come from? I don't have any posts with that kind of url. Help is most appreciated!
February 27, 2019
My Contact form is being abused! Is there a way to prevent spam?
October 04, 2018 has gone premium and is participating now!
Wow. I have been off line for two months. And now as I'm updating my blogs, I go to Webmaster tools and none of my sites show verified ownership. Google Analytics tracking codes are all placed in the correct All-In-1-SEO fields but google can't see them. Has anyone else been through this?
May 04, 2018
I haven't figured out one aspect of the Site Content Editor. A few times when I wrote a post I included "related material" and just put in the url of a related post.When I published, the title showed with the featured image. But the past few times I've done that, only the url showed up when I published. What am I missing?
It's frustrating not getting indexed. I follow the steps outlined by Jay in his webinar. In the past two months, only 2 out of 10 posts that were published from Site Content show that indexing has happened. Is just the way it goes?
Kyle wrote about this recently. Yet, I left it a few days. Just now I went to selected all, and Export. I have a lot of lists, not well organized, but this was quick.I made a new folder, extracted the import and saved all the lists to the new folder, named so that I would not forget where those words were from.I have often gone back to old lists and re-checked the KW's. Some are quite useful, or variations are. Don't forget! Time passes quickly when
I thought I would try and write something useful as my one a week - er I know it's supposed to be twice a week per SWAG, writing a blog here at WA - but oh my gosh the week is ending right now! Yesterday I sat a lot. But I got a couple of hours in editing blog posts in the morning. Then had a variety of activity before I got to resume at the keyboard. Later, I consulted my pedometer and realized that I had a couple of thousand steps to go because Sitting Is The New Stroke, right?Anyone else tir
February 09, 2018
I've been somewhat deluged with google alerts for a niche this week. I certainly won't have time to read all the articles that came my way.I created a doc to save the links. And now I'm saving the titles and intro of each article. This will save me time. Because every title and intro gives me a pertinent topic and keywords. Of course I will research those to change/update/improve upon and shape a new post.Honestly, I've got content for months! This is covered in the Content part of the training
February 02, 2018
I have just spent 2 hours writing a blog post. First, it was written in a doc and copy/pasted into the WP editor. I have been doing this for years. Today, every time I save the post, the fonts change in a few paragraphs here and there. Over and over, even though I go back and copy paste those sections.I updated the WP version. Restarted the computer. Trashed the post and started again. For a few minutes all went well. Then on the third Save it happened again. Anyone else ever see this behaviour