No Reply to You Too - Outta Here - Rant

Last Update: August 08, 2018

I understand that "noreply" has its place, obviously, but I am referring to those who send me regular emails and don't expect that I wil have a question.

I am sorry but I am tired of "noreply@thisdomain" and "noreply@thatdomain." I understand that you are getting tons of emails and "think" that you don't have the time to respond to everyone, but who cares? Aren't we the same people who have allowed you to have such an admirable email list? We "envy" you but you have become too big for your boots.

On the other hand, I am very impressed when someone takes the time to respond to a query I may have. That alone wins my trust in their products, advice, and in them.

Recently, I unsubscribed from a popular person's list for two reasons.

1. When I tried to contact their company via their official email, they never replied

2. When I tried to reply to them on their "friendly" and "personal" email they sent me, there it was; that dreaded

"No-reply" always seems to be saying..." Don't bother sending me any emails, I don't want to hear you. You need to listen to me and only me. Just buy my stuff, OK!! Now get lost!"

What isn't said speaks much louder that what you have said in your email. We must treat our email list with respect and always be willing to engage in conversation. We must not use them like we do an ATM/ABM.

What do you think friends? Are you using noreply as well?:) Please enlighten me if I am wrong. If I am, I promise I will dive into the nearest manhole somewhere, or maybe pay a visit to that executioner.

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pinclip Premium
I have seen lots of the no reply in my time, if a autoresponder is set up properly and a question comes up from a client, usually a direct mail is sent to you to respond to. Many times is better to call and then talk to a bot waiting for an actual knowledgable voice...Good lookin Out David
Shields High
pilly pilly
DEversley Premium
You are welcome, Reese!
Thanks for sharing and all the best!
SWagner2 Premium
It is irritating, but I've only seen it from fairly large companies that are trying to control communication. Maybe they had issues with e-mails getting lost and not answered, or they just don't have the staff to answer all their e-mails that they may receive. Also, could be an auto-responder?

But if they do provide a separate e-mail for you to contact them with and they don't respond to that, that's just bad customer service. Being understaffed could be an issue there, too.
DEversley Premium
Thanks, Susan. Good points. We all have to prepare for growth and remember to be consistent just as we were in the beginning.
Thanks for sharing!
All the best.
Cindyda1 Premium
I agree, I have never understood this unless it's as you say, they think they get too big for their britches and dont need any more customers.

Same thing frustrates me when I see folks asking for feedback on their websites. You take the time to go through and read them and give them feedback but you never hear anything back at all. You go their sites and see comments left by others but yet they haven't taken the time to address or respond to the comments (sometimes none of them). I get that people get busy and overwhelmed but at least try to have some sort of infrastructure in place to handle your traffic/customers that you've worked so hard to get in the first place.

What's the point in working so hard to get customers in the first place if you can't or won't take care of them?
manne13666 Premium
Absolutely! I try to respond to at least 1 of the things they say either in comments of feedback as well as thanking them for taking the time to visit and read anything off my site.
DEversley Premium
Good points, Cynthia!
Others are taking note.
All the best!
Trujunco Premium
Hello and good morning> David...Absolutely thrilled with the style in which you wrote this post, as I feel a well written criticism/rant deserves attention and respect.

I am not familiar, but concerned in the matter of returning E-mails and the point you have made should certainly garner some reply if forwarded to the parties responsible...if not, they are not worthy of your further considerations period.

I Always believe that your efforts are valuable to my time...thanks for this post, David
DEversley Premium
Thanks for your kind words of encouragement, David! ( great name by the way).
I appreciate you sharing here. You are welcome!
LisaTerrel1 Premium
That don’t sound very good ! I’m not that far as yet so I Thankyou for the heads up . That is not very Professional at all . Iv tried to cancel memberships from other sites and that’s what I have got for a reply now I kinda know what’s happening...
Thankyou for your Post
DEversley Premium
You are welcome, indeed Lisa! No, It's not professional and will probably be the downhill trek from hereon
Thank you for sharing!
All the best and more!