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Dear Friends!I received an email from Google Analytics today informing me of my stats for the month of March. Furthermore, check out part of the message here.Isn't that super cool?Have you been receiving these from Google as well?Download Analytics on Mobile and ask away. Unfortunatley, only questions in the English language for now.
Recently, I had to tell someone "No" and it felt good. Actually, much better than good; it felt... ***** s u p e r a w e s o m e*****Does that make me a horrible person, yes or no? You see, if I had said yes to this, I would have been busy for this entire (long) weekend, unnecessarily. I prefer to relax and spend time with the family and catch up on WA activities :). Saying a thoughtful "no" can be invogorating and liberating.As it turned out, there are others who are more qualif
I understand that "noreply" has its place, obviously, but I am referring to those who send me regular emails and don't expect that I wil have a question. I am sorry but I am tired of "noreply@thisdomain" and "noreply@thatdomain." I understand that you are getting tons of emails and "think" that you don't have the time to respond to everyone, but who cares? Aren't we the same people who have allowed you to have such an admirable email list? We "envy" you but you have become too big for your boot
March 14, 2018
Dear Friends!I am not very active at this point but my email notifications are still alerting me of what is going on in WA Land. In the little summary that is displayed for few seconds, I cannot help but notice that many of the same questions are being asked constantly. I suspect that this is because many are new and therefore, that is understandable.I am wondering if many are aware of the search-bar we have above. Inherent in the search-bar, is a gateway to wonderful treasures of information a
March 07, 2018
Hey Colleagues!I came across an awesome tool that we can all use for our titles. As you may know, some use Sentence-case, Title-Case, Capitalization of First Word and some are just confused. I was using Sentence-case but Title-Case is now growing on me.:)With this tool, we don't have to be bothered about which word should be capitalized; or whether the rule states not to capitalize less than three letters or a preposition... Too much work.Just paste or type your existing title in the space prov
"David, David," my wife ran in to our room exclaiming. "Listen, listen...Hey Google! Call David!" (with a playful unexplained accent)You can guess the rest. The first thing I asked her was whether she was living under a rock. Well, she is very excited and is currently asking Google several questions. She is also on holiday, which may be partly responsible for her sudden burst of youthful energy.She is now downstairs but she found it necessary to send me a whatsapp message. I bet you can guess w
Just saw this while welcoming a new member to WA. What a deterrent. Please encourage new WA members to ignore whenever you notice it on their profiles.Not the first thing you want to experience as soon as you sign up to WA.David
Dear Friends!Here at Wealthy Affiliate, we are surrounding by a "wealth" of training, success stories and strategies that are amazingly inspiring and can most definitely point us to our own success, if effectively leveraged and implemented. How can we convert knowledge into action and success in order to live the life we know is meant for us?1. We must diligently and methodically put what we have learned into practice for it to manifest into success.At Wealthy Affiliate, these courses are not
I have been here for six months and I must say that I am truly enjoying the excellent training offered by Kyle, Carson, Jay and all of the other contributors here. Wealthy Affiliate, has provided the means to learn, grow and to apply that knowledge to my passions and share with the world. It has also facilitated my knack for writing as I use this excellent platform to inspire others.To the WA community; there is also much to be gleaned from your blogs and the questions asked here, alone... Mos
As online marketers, our number one priority is to provide honest helpful solutions and advice to our visitors. We should also seek to develop relationships with them through honest reviews, helpful tips and genuine transparent conversation. There are many sites out there that offer luring short term pleasures, scams and create havoc for us as affiliate marketers; so why would our visitors even trust us?Why would someone want to come to your site?Would they want to hang out with you in person?A