Life According to Jaxxy

Last Update: September 30, 2016

I love the Jaxxy tool along with the WA keyword tool when it comes to fining keywords for posts on your website!

I have not been very active on here because I have been extremely busy with my new job. Plus, by the time I get home at night I am very tired and it is time to make dinner and relax for a bit and go to bed. And life itself has been busy lately as well, which is not a bad thing!

Anyway, tonight I got some time to go on WA and read some posts and welcome some people who had followed me. I decide I would check out my site rank on Jaaxy and see how things are since my site has been neglected lately since I have been so busy. I do have plans to continue writing posts for it, just not sure how often and when that will be

I was pleasantly surprised when Jaaxy showed me that some of my posts are still ranked within the pages of Google. This is a good thing and makes me happy to know they are at least there.

For a long time, Jaaxy has shown that my website was on page one position one. Whether that is actually true or not, it was still exciting to see it in that position. However, I think the neglect my website has received lately has caused my website to lose its ranking. When i checked tonight, my website was not in the first 20 pages. This was disheartening, but no a total crusher. I know it is hard for my site to be ranked when I have not been giving it the attention and TLC it deserves.

I am not in a hurry to make my online business as success. I knew coming in it would take time and that life could get in the way. So I will continue to trudge along and it will all fall into place when it is supposed to!

Have a great weekend!

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theresroth Premium
This will happen, Denise, the main thing is to keep on, as soon as opportunity allows.....

Thanks for sharing...
suzzziq Premium
I completely understand where you are coming from, Denise. Just do as much as you can do:). A very wise person once told me that in order to eat an "elephant," you have to eat it one bite at a time! You'll get there, my friend:)
DeniseOlsen5 Premium
Thank you for your words of encouragement!
cosmicradio Premium
Work on it when you can, Denise. Expect it, and wait for it. Your time will come. :)
DeniseOlsen5 Premium
Yes it will! Thank you!
DreamAngel Premium
I can relate to the busy life! Congratulations on your rankings! Keep up the good work!

DeniseOlsen5 Premium
Thank you!
MKearns Premium
You are doing great Denise. Again thank you for your responses to my posts.
DeniseOlsen5 Premium
Thank you and you are most welcome! It is my pleasure!