Wealthy Affiliate Premium signup $19 [What you get is Insane.]

Last Update: December 03, 2019

Honestly I can't think of any other words to explain this. I literally think this is insane.

What I find when people join us at Wealthy Affiliate as starter members they don't actually see the amount of training support and hidden extras that we get as Premium members..Your first month is $19 that is affordable for everyone and 4 weeks gives you enough time to decide whether you want to carry on with Wealthy Affiliate.

If you decide too stay then every month after that is $49 or you can get bigger discounts by going 6 monthly or Yearly.

Now Black Friday is HERE and has been extended. Learn how to build any online business you want for 82cents per day that is insane.

Yet the normal Monthly payment of $49 is insane too. Honestly I have done thousands of hours of research on differnt platforms and yet not one can beat Wealthy Affiliate. That is the truth..

The reason I am writing this as I have spent weeks and weeks looking at different sponsored posts. Yes, Ads, I have downloaded countless PDF.'s To be honest signing up for Freebie this freebie that.

( Not one of these are connected to Wealthy Affiliate nor its members here. Unless I hit a download and it was someone promoting something else. )

If I am tired of downloading how to do ads on FB etc and coming up with absolute rubbish. I really want to swear here. As I have just left some video training and the woman did my blummin head in. I still have her voice make my brain scream. All of a sudden all and sundry are expert marketers and for dodgy re copied content. There are ads for that funnel this funnel and they all lead to the same blummin funnel. I am not downloading these because I need the training. I am just getting a feel of what others are doing. So I can do reviews etc.

This has brought me back to when I was struggling to be an online marketer. I went through every training just about. Scam after scam. Even Colin Farrel did my head in.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate I have everything all in one place. I am not pushed into buying other things like I see many Gurus do. They all help each other. You sign up for their platform then they tell you to sign up for another platform many costing $97+ and then you have to go and pay someone else the same amount or more. That does NOT happen here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Imagine the time I save on going from one platform to another. Signing up with different platforms just to be taught some out dated training or if they are good to be pushed elsewhere. I save myself hours and hours and I save myself a blummin fortune. I also save my brain being turned to mush lol.

At Wealthy Affiliate there are no hidden up sells no lies no B.S. No pushing me to sign up elsewhere for some extra program. In fact I was never pushed to sign up. All was given was help and all I am still given is help. I signed up almost immediately because I knew what I was getting at Wealthy Affiliate was absolute GOLD.!

This is where we need to really sit back and look at what we have at Wealthy Affiliate.

I am not going to go into the free starter membership as to be honest if people do not get what W.A. is all about with an absolute affordable $19 sign up then they are still looking for that make money overnight B.S. Get rich in a week rubbish. No wonder so a good deal of fail at online marketing. The honest truth is everything you need is RIGHT HERE at Wealthy Affiliate.

You have the Free Trial but your first ever month is going to be $19. Now what do you spend with $19. It could be an afternoon lunch. It could be a packet of cigarettes or two. Might be three in your country. In the UK cigarettes are expensive. Same as a cup of blummin coffee on the way to work. Like nearly £4 for a coffee and a stupid little biscuit. To be honest I bet most spend $19 a day on rubbish/ Stuff we don't need.

So this is one payment over 4 weeks.

LOOK AT THIS WHEN YOU SAY $19 is too much.

This works out at 19 divides by 4 = 4.75.

Not going into what a dollar is worth or the pound as that is ridiculous to be honest/ Like us in London we pay more for living the cost of properties even a tiny flat is like a quarter of a million quid. If I go up north I'll buy myself a big house for that/ so 4.75 is what 19 is divided. Don't hit me with currency as the pound is [pretty crap right now.] I am not an accountant and currency money exchange lender. I know each country has its cost of living. Like I said London is way more expensive to live than say my birth place which is York North Yorkshire UK. So I get that with currencies and earnings.

Your 19 dollars is going to give you all of this below and tons more. I can't really write all of it here as it would go into a 6 k word post and I doubt you all wanna read that lol. :)

. I would seriously try it out. Cause to be honest. What you are going to be given should be priced way higher. Many of us think the same. I was a struggling Mum back in 2016. Going from one platform to another many wanted thousands of dollars I could get a mortgage with what some of these gurus ask for. Even the Open University was Costly. I know I passed the exam was accepted. To be quite honest I am happy I never stayed with them if I did as that training I opted for would be worthless now.

  • 50 websites.

25 on a domain you own 25 SiteRubix.

  • Domains at W.A

Included with every domain is WHOIS Privacy Protection, 24/7 Support, Next Year Guarantee Pricing, Domain Security, Unlimited Email Accounts, & Advanced DNS Management & Instant Set-up.

  • Site SSL

Free SSL certificates (Website Encryption) Typically costs $50 a year elsewhere. Totally Free at Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Site Speed:

The SiteSpeed feature will lead to the fastest website load times in the industry.

  • Site Protect:

Wealthy Affiliate adds a three-point protection layer on your websites. Comment Spam, Back Office Hacking (passwords), and Website Load Speeds (Botnet Attacks).

  • SiteHealth, Website Analysis:

Includes publishing frequency, content quality, visitor engagement/your engagement, plugins, website feedback, Google rankings and overall trust.

  • 3,000+ WordPress Themes.

Beautiful WebsiteThemes.

  • 51,973 Website Feature “Add Ons”

Everything from building membership sites, adding shopping carts to your site, image/design plugins, font plugins, and plugins for managing social aspects of your business.

  • Site Comments:

Choose the number of comments you want, set the task, and hours later watch the comments come in. Or offer comments and be paid for it too.

  • Site Feedback:

Community feedback from REAL people in respect to your website, allows you to efficiently improve your site design & conversions.

  • Over 300 hours of training.
  • 52 live weekly classes with Jay
  • Members Training

Every single day there are new training modules being created through the “community training” program. That many members create here for us all.

  • Subset of training:

From e-commerce, drop shipping, local marketing, ad sense, Facebook ads, SEO, pay-per-click, email marketing, lead generation, etc. If you can't find what you want send out a request someone will build it here for you for sure.

  • create your own training videos:

After three months you can share your own training and be paid for it. You can be paid for site Comments too.

There is so much more but I have given you a teaser here!

Your posts/Blogs at wealthy Affiliate
  • Your Own Authority WA Blog

Your blogs are among the highest ranked in the world. You will literally see your posts in Google and other search engines within minutes and through time, you might have MANY of these ranked. The added extra to that is anyone clicks on them and joins Wealthy Affiliate you get full referral commissions for it. So make sure your blogs here have good SEO.

You can also share others posts from Wealthy Affiliate. Just check they have sharing turned on copy your link and share away. Great if you are at a moment and you don't know what to do. You have a brain block lol. Come back to Wealthy Affiliate and share someones post from here. That can also get you referrals. :)

  • Grammar checker.
  • Site Content.

Yes we also have a grammar checker and site content. site-content not only helps us to write out our blogs with templates they also give us the head start in writing out our privacy policy's etc. With all the images we can add in too using site-content they also get smushed for us. We also have Free plugins that come with our websites. Free Cache Free SSL and the site-support team are out of this world.

Here is what WE also get.

Jay Neil.

I and you get Jay Neil every single week live. With Live Q&A . Jay Neal AKA @magistudios.

Not only do I and you just get that. We have access to Jay if he is on Live chat. Jay also does some superb Live YouTube videos. Damn he is just brilliant. What Jay gives me and you yes all of us. We would have to pay thousands of dollars on top. Yet we don't have too. Jay is such a kind person and he really does care about us all at Wealthy Affiliate.

He sure knows how to help each and every one of us and he enhances all our businesses. The mans knowlege is insane. He knows everything. We have him included within our membership at Wealthy Affiliate. That alone getting access to Jay should cost us 10's of thousands of dollars.

Yet it doesn't I cannot wait every week for live training every week with Jay..

(Thank you Jay. That's if you get to read this post Jay you are one in a milion. . :)

I know where I am at. I pay Yearly so I already have saved money.

Get all the training websites support promotional tools and tap into one of the best Affiliate marketing programs on the Internet. Average commission per sign up $121. Earn while you learn it makes total sense. You already have access to Wealthy Affiliate and its Affiliate program as soon as you become a starter. Those commissions rise once you become a premium member.

As a premium member you have access to jaaxy Lite You also have access to Jaaxy lite for free as a premium member and you have access to Jaaxy's affiliate program too.

There is so much more to Wealthy Affiliate but they are in my Emails from Kyle.so I am not sure if I can share the new roll outs. Let me tell you now there is lots of stuff happening for 2020 and it is going to get better. If you want to receive the emails I receive then sign up and do not miss out.

You have your connection in Wealthy Affiliate you are so lucky as those that haven't found us yet no doubt are struggling just like I was before I met Wealthy Affiliate back in 2016..

As the saying goes don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Act now and you can change your life.

Its simple the training at Wealthy Affiliate works.

It is up to you what you do with it simple as. :) You know you have got this. Just keep following the training that is proven to work time and time again.

Don't forget the extended BLack Friday Deal. Saves you mega amounts of dollars. After all we all love a saving.

I have been here at Wealthy Affiliate for three years and I am here for aslong as My life allows me to be. In other words I aint ever leaving. I know where my bread is buttered (that's another UK saying lol. )

Just remeber this and I mean it. The training here works. What anyone does with the training it is down to you. You have to be here to learn and you have to be ready to get into the training and do not skip any of the training in a heart beat. Some of the training is coming soon with new updates.

Meanwhile you have access to us all ready to help you here. You also have access to the help from some of the best internet marketers and best Tech geeks here inside Wealthy Affiliate. They are here and you can have access to them but not many of us have time for those who waste our time. So you know we are all serious online marketers here. You could be one of us too.

The best thing I ever did was pay that $19 make it your best move to end this year and start 2020 as the best online Marketer you wanna be!.

Sorry I know this was lonnng lol. If I had of added in everything we get here at Wealthy Affiliate I could have built a big website around all we get here so this is just a small teeny part of what we get here.

Anyways hope you enjoyed the read.

All of those who are new and get chance to read it. Pass by all you newbies and reach out to us all if you have any questions or need help. Pop in your comments below.

Remember any question you ask is not a silly question. The other thing to be remember is we all started right at the beginning on lessons one. In either section of the training. We all started out same as you. So we have got you and we are here to help all of you newbies.

Heck yes and I still need help lol :)

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laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Debs,

Great post! Well, you do not have to convince me as in January 2020 I will start my 4e year here at WA.

Here is the link to my Poinsettia, as I only write one WA post a month it normally gets lost in the crowd. Greetings from the south of Spain,
Lazyblogger Premium Plus
Hey Debs, Wow! It is difficult to add anything to this post, you said it all. I totally had given up on online business because of all the garbage that is out there, but luckily for me, WA found me.

Welthy Affiliate not only given us the hands on training to build our business, but they given us weekly webinar, hosted by Jay as you mention. How dedicated can someone be on ever Friday night to spend time with members and be so consistent? He is what you said, the best.
Thank you for this post.

Debs66 Premium
He isn't he. Yes even when he is flued up he is a real Gem.
I couldn't be without Wealthy Affiliate now.
It has been a long time since I have written a post here so it was time I did.
Thank you so much for passing by and mirroring my thoughts also. Jay is one in a million for sure.
Debs :)
brichnow21 Premium Plus
Yes, Bishop, even when he's not feeling well, Jay's right there!
davehayes Premium
This is a good post and one I can relate to it as I had looked at what I thought was a good offer elsewhere yet when I dug down much deeper there were some hidden extra costs which made it more expensive than WA and that was without the training we get

So you have done well to highlight ALL these extra benefits

You talk about the so called guru training but we have some great people in this community who are equally as good as the gurus and produce exceptional training which is better than the gurus and we get it for the price of membership

In fact I have one of those trainings on my own site because the guy who did it produced a brilliant social media training on a topic I was going to write about

So, yes WE have awesome value which can be applied equally well offline

Thanks for sharing Debs.
Debs66 Premium
Hi, Dave,
That is so true. I did mention in part that those I have looked at were not W.A. members. Nor was it any training or downloads of theirs. Those I wouldn't get bored of lol :)

All in all that is a good point also as those superb Affiliates became that because of Wealthy Affiliate.

When I say Gurus I mean those who have never been connected to here. I won't mention who they are but they do blag us into connecting with other platforms. Which doesnt happen here.

I am up for all those who have been taught everything they know here and then go on to be like W.A. or as good as just about.
Awesome to catch up with you again Dave!.
Debs :)
davehayes Premium
Spot on Debs.
Debs66 Premium
Thank you Dave :)
brichnow21 Premium Plus
Debs, I could really relate to the madness of the "Funnel folks" !
I also, spent 3 times this, on a "Internet Business School" .
Every week a new lesson, making me wonder if there will be "any nuggets" , worth waiting to receive, ...before opt out time. NO, after 12 weeks!
Not anything I hadn't gotten from WA!!
Lessons learned!
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
AWESOME post about WA, Debs--you are SPOT-ON! Just look at all the success stories we are surrounded with here! Proof that the system works! What else needs to be said--if we fail here, we only have OURSELVES to blame!

Debs66 Premium
This is so true Jeff!
We have some exceptional members here and they got where they are today because of W.A. .
It really is that simple the training here DOES WORK it's how we apply and do with it is down to us all.
Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome place to be for sure.
Thank you for passing by Jeff!
You are a diamond :)
Debs :)
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
As are you, Debs--keep fighting the good fight. I always enjoy your posts!

Debs66 Premium
;) Thank you
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
You're welcome, Debs!

Jadatherapy Premium
Great informational and motivational post Debs much appreciated

I will be sharing this. YAY.

Here's to making it happen

Debs66 Premium
Thank you so Much Jennifer!
Awesome to catch up with you again.
Debs :)
Jadatherapy Premium
You are so welcome Debs and thank you for sharing much appreciated

Nice to catch up with you too

Here's to making it happen