Montana becomes first US State to Ban Tik Tok?

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TikTok Ban in US state of Montana becomes effective on the 1 st of January 2024. Although Gov Bodies were banned from downloading the app back in December 2022.

You might be wondering why I'm posting about this right now, especially given that I was born in London, UK, rather than the United States. The question of TikTok's longevity first came up in a conversation a few years ago.

I clearly recall discussing the TikTok app with Jay Neill from @Magistudio. Jay said that he didn't think the social app would stay around very long. And it turns out that Jay was yet again totally right.

While the conversation may have occurred a few years ago, many individuals may have believed that TikTok would continue to exist for many years to come. Albeit is just one State in the USA but will other states follow other countries even like UK and Canada all part of FVEY.

I do have some concerns, about any potential effects of this ban on TikTok users who depend on the app to expand their online businesses. It would be interesting to have Jay's perspective on this too..

However, let's put any sense of jubilation aside because this is not the focus of this blog post what so ever. What I find genuinely amazing is having a professional like Jay our head training Chief within our membership at Wealthy Affiliate who may I add has in-depth expertise of developing an on and off line business etc. Jay is incredibly knowledgeable in SEO, social media, and a massive variety of other subjects INCLUDING Google my Business.

Lucky for us all at WA there are many an expert on hand to help any newbie or even oldie like myself get through the trials and errors we may come across in the here and now or the future.

What I would also like to ask is how the many members here at WA will they implement this ban for their future Online biz. I have included some questions we could be asking ourselves. below.

Some points to ponder and questions we maybe asking ourselves.

If you use TikTok for generating leads/Sales/ Affiliate Marketing/SEO et even your own Bricks and Mortar Business and want to inquire about the implications of the TikTok ban, Here are some questions you could consider:

  1. What effects will the Montana TikTok ban have on businesses' ability to use the platform to generate leads and connect with potential clients?
  2. Are there alternative social media platforms or strategies that you recommend for businesses to continue effectively generating leads in light of the TikTok ban?
  3. What alternative marketing channels or platforms would you suggest for businesses that heavily relied on TikTok for lead generation?
  4. Are there any upcoming developments or changes in the social media landscape that could potentially fill the gap left by TikTok's absence in Montana?
  5. How can businesses adapt their existing TikTok marketing strategies to other platforms or channels to ensure a seamless transition and continued lead generation?
  6. Are there any additional resources, tools, or training programs that anyone may recommend to help businesses effectively pivot their efforts away from TikTok?

After all we all need need any valuable insights into the potential impact of the TikTok ban on our online/offline business that could guide us toward alternative strategies. I know I could do with some help on this subject too.

Because Google My Business is a different platform from TikTok, using TikTok for it may not or may well be affected by the Montana ban on the app.

You may need to think about alternate tactics to make up for the lost traffic and leads as a result of the ban, though, if your company substantially relies on TikTok to create leads for your company or drive traffic to your Google My Business page.

You could take into account the following possible tactics:

Utilise other social media sites: Take into account promoting your Google My Business profile and increasing website traffic on other social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. The user bases and potential audiences for each of these platforms vary.

However, if your business significantly depends on TikTok to generate leads for your enterprise or drive traffic to your Google My Business page,

You could Improve your Google My Business listing:

Make sure that your Google My Business listing is correct and up to date with details about your company, such as your address, phone number, and operating hours. To increase your local SEO and visibility, ask customers to post reviews on your Google My Business page.

Use paid advertising: If you want to increase website traffic and lead generation for your company, think about spending money on paid advertising like Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

These platforms give you the ability to target particular audiences based on their demographics, interests, and behaviours, which can help your advertising campaigns be more successful.

Ensure that your website is search engine optimised by incorporating pertinent keywords, producing top-notch content

The following are some more strategies you might want to consider:

Use other social media platforms: Consider utilising Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn to promote your Google My Business page and boost website traffic. Each of these platforms has a different user base and target market.

Overall, even if the Montana TikTok ban may have an effect on your company's capacity to generate leads and drive traffic through TikTok, there are still a tonne of other methods and platforms you can use to advertise your company and direct people to your Google My Business page.

You may lessen the effects of the TikTok ban and continue to expand your online business by focusing on other channels and diversifying your marketing strategies.

I am sure many would love some more interaction asking Questions or strategies one may have they could share. It would be lovely to hear all your thoughts questions or any queries/

On a final note....Any Newbies out there in the WA world really should seek out Jays Classes.

Jay really is an expert on everything from Building websites to SEO and of course all things Social amongst Manu other subjects reagarding your own Online and Offline Business.

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Great to hear from you again Deborah and I read an article on the news about this this morning...

I've never used TikToc personally but it will be interesting to see if other states and countries follow suite here!

Hello Deborah, Great awareness post thanks!

Yes I just heard that ban in Australia radio today and I thought to myself, I am glad I did not invest my time into Tik Tok. I am not a fan off it and think it is somewhat not professional and consumes a lot of peoples time unnecessarily!

I invested my time into My Google Business back in 2010 because it is verified with address, not just floating in the air!

Kind regards

I am not sure what bandwagon effect, if any, will Montana's ban on Tik Tok have on the other states. Except for Florida which has expressed interest in doing same, most governors have been mum on the subject.
I am not a fan of Tik Tok and have little or no business interest in it, I still believe just as you have mentioned in your post, that diversification of Social Media use is critical to staying safe in business.

Nice to hear from you, Deborah! Long time, no see! Hope all is well with you! I have a few friends in Montana! Since I have not used TikTok and have no plans to, this won't affect me.

You do raise valid concerns though!


You too Jeffrey. I am always around but just silent in the background. Lovely to see you too.
Thank you for passing by.. :)

You're very welcome, my friend! Keep succeeding!


Hey, beautiful great to hear from you.

Yep not surprised by the news. Don't use Tik Tok although some here do but never a thing for me and another wannabe social media that will be short-lived yet again.
Interesting to see how the other states in the US and indeed other countries will react to this.

Andre 😘😀😎🤗

Andreas you always cheer me up.. Thank you for for passing by. Yes it has been a while since I blogged here at WA/ It is always lovely to be here in the back ground looking in.. It is always lovely to hear from you too. :) xx

Good to hear from you too miss ya xx

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